Interactive Advertising and Marketing

The world is digitizing. Digital content and advertising over the Internet and IPTV is becoming pervasive – creating a wealth of data for interactive marketers to analyze and improve their reach to target audiences. The challenge is managing the data explosion cost-effectively.

Aster provides the analytic horsepower required on a massive scale for applications such as:

  • Advertising networks – ad targeting and personalization rules engines, e.g., acerno (An Akamai Company) and Specific Media.
  • Yield optimization – maximize ad impression placement and “lift”.
  • Impression inventory and reporting – consolidated reporting for clients delivered on a timely basis.
  • Cross-channel marketing analytics – discover opportunities by channel or in cross-channel campaigns.
  • Web analytics – path analysis, viewer engagement, segmentation, and more.

Common issues impacting advertising data warehouses:

Advertising Issue Technical Causes
Daily reporting SLA's for advertising clients Data Loading and Scaling
Ad impression and traffic data volumes exploding (e.g., doubling every 4 months) Data Growth and Scaling
Frequent updates to ad targeting rules Query Performance, Data Loading
Difficulty managing home-grown database clusters Administration and Scaling
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One of the reasons we chose Aster Data is because of their deep MapReduce implementation that speeds data processing and helps give our customers even faster performance and more granular information so they can drive more traffic and transactions through organic search.

Richard Zwicky, Founder and President