Insurance markets are being impacted by the US stock market slowdown, subprime credit problems, and inflation. Analytics can enable you to be more competitive while continuing to appease regulators and investment communities. You can derive more value out of your customer base by enabling better access to data.

Aster provides the analytic horsepower required on a massive scale for applications such as:

  • Policy pricing engine – business rules and models based on risk scoring of individuals against current book of business.
  • Customer retention
  • Re-insurance risk assessment
  • Loyalty campaign targeting – create more targeted and personalized offers by deeply understanding your customer micro-segments.

Common issues impacting insurance data warehouses:

Insurance Issue Technical Causes
Underwriters and actuaries (and the DW/BI teams) dealing with exploding data volumes Data Growth, Query Performance, Data Loading
Customers and distributors (agents) want more want more access to real time information Query Performance, Data Loading
Regulators and investment markets are more inquisitive, increasing pressure for reporting service-level agreements Data Loading, Administration


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