Creating Competitive Advantage with Big Analytics in Marketing

Did you know:

Over 45% of big data deployments are for marketing?
Spending on digital marketing will grow from $34B to $76 B by 2016
54% of marketers identified the ability to understand attribution as a project that would be most beneficial to their business

Marketers are drinking from a fire hydrant of data that is too big, moving too fast, and is too diverse to be analyzed by conventional methods. What’s your plan?

To get value out of big data, enterprises need a new mindset and a new set of tools to extract actionable insights. By iteratively exploring large quantities of data on an ongoing basis, you can begin to:

Create personalized customer experiences, develop new products and services, and detect early warning signals
Learn how social influence affects customer behavior
Analyze the effectiveness and spend of multi-channel marketing campaigns

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Mohanbir Sawhney
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Mohanbir Sawhney
Mohanbir Sawhney
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University