Aster Data Systems Raises Funding from Cambrian Ventures and David Cheriton

Redwood City, Calif. – Nov 14, 2005 – Aster Data Systems, a Silicon Valley based company addressing fast growing data environments by building high-performance, ultra-scalable, affordable data analytics solutions for the enterprise, has raised an undisclosed first investment of venture capital from Cambrian Ventures and Dr. David Cheriton. In addition, Dr. Cheriton will serve on Aster's technical advisory board. 

The infusion of new capital will allow Aster to pursue business growth objectives in product innovation and engineering support.  “This funding allows us to build upon initial technology development and hard work, enabling us to scale our engineering efforts and to support R&D focus,” said Mayank Bawa, CEO and co-founder, Aster Data Systems.  “We feel Innovation in the data warehousing and analytics space is long overdue, and are looking to change that. This funding is a key step and we are thrilled to be working with both Cambrian Ventures and Dr. Cheriton.”

Dr. Cheriton heads the Distributed Systems Group of the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. He co-founded Granite Systems, which was acquired by Cisco in 1996 and Kealia, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2004. He was also an early investor in Google and VMware. In 2003, Dr. Cheriton was presented with the SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement award by the ACM, "...for his contributions in data networking and systems, and for his keen talent for questioning the assumptions behind all our work."

“We are ecstatic that someone of David Cheriton's character and influence has decided to invest in Aster,” said  Bawa.  “This validates our technology vision and represents a significant step for us in this early stage. 

About Aster Data Systems
Aster Data Systems, Inc. is an early-stage stealth-mode startup company building high-performance, ultra-scalable, affordable data analytics solutions for the enterprise. The company is based in Redwood City, CA and was founded by three Ph.D. students from the Computer Science Department at Stanford University. The Aster database is based on a number of unique, patent-pending innovations.

About Cambrian Ventures
Cambrian Ventures was founded in 2000, with the aim of investing in and growing truly early-stage technology companies. Through the firm's Fund, they invest in seed-stage companies. Through their technology-research Lab, they invest in technologists, working with them even before they have their great ideas.

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