Aster Data Systems Releases Ncluster 3.0: A Frontline Data Warehouse for Monetizing High Volume Business Data

Aster Frontline Data Warehouses Power aCerno, Aggregate Knowledge, and ShareThis to Industry Leadership

Redwood City, Calif. – October 7, 2008 – Aster Data Systems, a proven innovator in high-performance databases today announced the release of Aster nCluster 3.0, an analytic database for frontline data warehousing with breakthrough capabilities in analytics, scale, performance, and availability.  Frontline data warehouses provide high-performance access to a persistent, comprehensive, and up-to-the-minute record of the business’s frontline data, enabling them to collect, manage and monetize terabytes per day of new data.

"With nCluster 3.0, Aster is delivering capabilities that have previously been available only on high-end enterprise data warehouse platforms," said Richard Winter, President, WinterCorp."With high-volume load isolation, very large scale, and state-of-the-art availability technologies, nCluster delivers on key requirements for frontline warehousing."

Business-critical functions supported by frontline data warehouses include credit scoring, behavioral ad-targeting, fraud detection, spam denial, recommendations, risk modeling, and more.  Providing a 24x7 analytic environment, frontline data warehouses provide data-driven applications and their users with uncompromising levels of service availability, performance, scale, and depth of analytics.

"As data-driven decision-making moves from back-office manual planning sessions and analyst teams to front-office analytic applications and users, businesses increasingly encounter the limitations of legacy data warehouses and appliances," said Mayank Bawa, CEO of Aster Data Systems. "With nCluster 3.0, Aster delivers a new breed of data warehousing for the business frontline with the cost-effectiveness required by today’s competitive marketplaces."

Internet and social networking companies monetizing their massive user traffic growth have flocked to Aster since the May introduction of its nCluster database. aCerno, Aggregate Knowledge, and ShareThis now join MySpace as leading adopters of Aster nCluster. Each of these companies uses data in the frontlines of their business to drive revenue and deliver better services to their customers, propelling them to dominant positions in their respective markets.

“With shopping behavior of over 140 million consumers to analyze daily, growing data volumes were pushing our analysis latency to unacceptable levels,” said Peter Kools, CTO of Acerno. “With Aster nCluster, we’ve been able to cut our analysis turnaround-time by 70%, greatly increasing the relevance and value of our targeted advertising.”

Features Available in the release of Aster nCluster 3.0 include:
· Always On: Hands-free 24/7 availability and resiliency for mission-critical applications
· Always Parallel: All database functions (queries, loading, export, back-up, and restore) are now fully parallelized
· In-Database MapReduce: Seamlessly integrates the analytic expressiveness and power of MapReduce with standard SQL

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Pricing and Availability
Aster nCluster 3.0 runs on a cluster of industry-standard x86 servers and network switches from major OEMs including Cisco, Dell, HP and IBM. Pricing is based on the size of data under management, and is independent of cluster size. Aster nCluster 3.0 is available immediately.

About Aster Data Systems
Aster Data Systems is a proven innovator in analytic databases for frontline data warehousing – bringing deep insights on massive data analyzed on clusters of commodity hardware. Co-founded by three colleagues in the Stanford Computer Science Ph.D. program, the Aster nCluster database provides patent-pending innovations in performance, availability, and in-database analytics.  Aster is headquartered in Redwood City, California and is backed by Sequoia Capital, Cambrian Venturesand First-Round Capital.For more information please visit us at http://www.asterdata.com or via phone at 650-232-4400.

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