Coremetrics Chooses Aster Data Systems' nCluster

Multi-tenant, Scalable, Analytic Database Mission-Critical to One of Top Web Analytics Service Providers

San Carlos, CA – May 5, 2009 – Aster Data Systems, a proven leader in high-performance database systems for data warehousing and analytics, today announced that Coremetrics, the leading provider of online marketing and business optimization solutions, has added the Aster nCluster high analytic database to its technology platform. Coremetrics’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution helps businesses increase revenues and find and retain their most profitable customers by maximizing every online interaction.

“We needed excellent uptime and real-time insights into our customers’ business on a 24x7 basis,” said Shawn Farshchi, chief operating officer, Coremetrics. “Aster nCluster is a mature database platform that allows us to have superior scalability on commodity hardware – giving us a tremendous cost and performance advantage. Aster Data Systems was the only company we could find that gave us this capability.”

As Coremetrics started managing its explosive growth it needed the most scalable, cost-effective architecture available. Coremetrics did some research to determine what database could provide the scalability its customer-facing applications demand, along with the superior availability, backup and restore capabilities key to their SaaS business model. The company has stringent service level agreements (SLAs) that needed to be met regarding data processing, querying and concurrency levels.

Coremetrics receives massive amounts of data from multiple customers, including some of the world’s largest brands, which are all consolidated onto the Aster nCluster data warehouse. The Coremetrics installation has over 100,000 tables per cluster that can all be compressed to different levels, giving Coremetrics fine-grained control over managing customers’ data.

The Always-On Approach
After a competitive bid process Coremetrics decided on Aster nCluster because of its hands-free, 24x7 availability and resiliency. A key selling point was nCluster’s online fault-tolerance and recovery feature. Aster nCluster provides uninterrupted query servicing; backup data replicas immediately takeover if a cluster server becomes unavailable. In the event of a failure, nCluster can recover lost replicas or servers with no downtime. This comes with the added benefit of allowing Coremetrics to run their frontline data warehouse on low-cost, off-the-shelf commodity hardware.

Another key feature was the ability to do live system administration. Aster nCluster Live Admin enables administrative tasks that traditionally required database downtime to be completed online, without degradation of query performance. With Live Admin, administrators can increase system capacity by adding new servers, correct any data skew (repartition), take database backups, and recover tables while the system continues to be available for business.

About Aster Data Systems
Aster Data Systems is a proven leader in high-performance database systems for frontline data warehousing - leveraging In-Database MapReduce to bring deep insights on data analyzed on clusters of low-cost commodity hardware. The Aster nCluster database cost-effectively powers frontline analytic applications for companies such as MySpace, aCerno (an Akamai company), and ShareThis. Running on low-cost off-the-shelf hardware, and providing 'hands-free' administration, Aster enables enterprises to meet their data warehousing needs within their budget. Aster is headquartered in San Carlos, California and is backed by Sequoia Capital, JAFCO Ventures, IVP, Cambrian Ventures, and First-Round Capital, as well as industry visionaries including David Cheriton, Rajeev Motwani and Ron Conway. For more information please visit http://www.asterdata.com, or call 650-232-4400.

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