Aster Data and Tableau Software
Partner to Deliver Big Data Analytics
and Data Visualization Solutions

Aster Data Massively Parallel Analytic Database integrated with
Tableau’s Data Visualization and Business Intelligence Applications

San Carlos, CA and Seattle, WA - November 30, 2010 - Aster Data, a market leader in big data management and advanced analytics, and Tableau Software, the global leader in rapid-fire business intelligence, today announced an integrated solution for big data management and advanced reporting and data visualization. The Aster Data and Tableau Software solution provides organizations powerful reporting and analytic visualizations on large data volumes and diverse data types. Large-scale data management and analytic processing, including highly advanced MapReduce-based analytics, will be delivered via Aster Data nCluster™ - the industry's first massively parallel processing (MPP) database with an integrated analytics engine - while big data visualization and rich analytics dashboards will be delivered via Tableau Software. The combined solution brings together big data management, rich MapReduce-powered analytics, and advanced data visualizations for both structured and non-relational data. Customers deploying this solution gain a competitive advantage that is exclusively available to tackle and solve problems related to big data sets and analytics on big data.

For advanced analytics and reporting, the partnership delivers the power of Aster Data’s unified SQL-MapReduce™ analytic framework and powerful platform for advanced analytics in a massively parallel analytic database management system (DBMS) with Tableau’s signature ease-of-use business intelligence and visual analytics. Aster Data’s MapReduce analytic capabilities for advanced analytics and large-scale reporting, together with Tableau’s data visualization capabilities deliver a new level of analytical richness, speed, and performance for interactive analysis on terabytes to petabytes of data. Connecting Tableau 6.0 to Aster Data nCluster™ delivers advanced MapReduce analytics to every individual in the enterprise with an ease-of-use that is unparalleled in the industry through Tableau’s interactive data visualization solution.

With Aster Data’s suite of SQL-MapReduce analytic packages accessed from within Tableau’s unique visualization capabilities, end users will benefit from big data visual analytic exploration that incorporates both standard reporting techniques as well as advanced analytics, including techniques for customer behavior analysis, path and pattern analysis, marketing attribution, graph analysis, fraud prevention, and risk analysis. This combination of advanced analytic techniques with Tableau’s signature ease-of-use, delivers to the non-technical user the freedom to explore, analyze, and collaborate on big data that is unprecedented in the industry today.   

“Connecting Tableau to Aster Data gives customers a complete analytics solution, with a robust back end and user-friendly front end that can scale to as much data and get as granular as the user desires,” said Chris Stolte, Chief Development Officer and Co-founder of Tableau Software. “Entire organizations, from C-level executives to front-line employees, have the ability to access information and make data-driven decisions. With its ability to scale the data as well as extend usability this joint solution breaks down long-standing barriers to analysis in the enterprise. With Aster Data, we’re delivering on our promise to deliver rapid fire business intelligence that encourages visual thinking and data analysis for everyone.”

“Tableau shares Aster Data’s commitment to innovation and superior business insights,” said Tasso Argyros, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Aster Data. “Together we have created an impressive solution that allows organizations to truly get the most value from their data. The more people you have accessing, analyzing, manipulating, and hypothesizing about your data, the more success you will have at not only becoming a data-driven enterprise but competing to win by delivering differentiated data-driven solutions.  We are already seeing traction with customers across many industries as they leverage this combined solution to drive deeper business insights on large data volumes.”

Aster Data nCluster™ 4.6, the industry’s first massively parallel processing (MPP) analytic database with an integrated analytics engine, is the first platform with a unified SQL and SQL-MapReduce analytical framework on a hybrid row and column DBMS that enables advanced reporting and analytics on large data volumes and diverse data types. Tableau 6.0, one of the industry’s most flexible solutions, enables everyone—from enterprises to enterprising individuals—to rapidly access and analyze all their data for smarter and faster business decisions. Tableau added a native connection to Aster Data, allowing customers to connect directly to their data within Aster Data nCluster. Virtually any authorized user can access the data and run desired queries and reports easily. Interactive reports and visualizations can be shared with anyone using a browser, allowing for greater collaboration and efficiencies.

For more information on Aster Data, please visit http://www.asterdata.com/ or call 1.888.Aster.Data (US) or +1.650.232.4400 (INTL).

About Tableau Software
Tableau Software is the leading provider of fast analytics and data visualization software. Tableau's award-winning business intelligence applications can be downloaded at http://www.tableausoftware.com/trial. They enable anyone to easily create and share interactive data visualizations, dashboards and analytics, and can scale to organizations of any size or reach. For more information, please visit http://www.tableausoftware.com.

About Aster Data
Aster Data is a market leader in big data management and advanced analytics, enabling cost-effective data storage and ultra-fast analysis of massive data sets. Aster Data nCluster is the first massively parallel processing (MPP) hybrid row and column database with an integrated analytics engine which allows application logic to exist and execute with the data itself. Termed a "data-analytics server," and now more commonly referred to in the market as an analytic platform, Aster Data's solution effectively utilizes Aster Data's patent-pending SQL-MapReduce with parallelized data processing and applications to deliver rich analytic insights at scale. Companies using Aster Data include Barnes&Noble, Intuit, LinkedIn, Akamai, Full Tilt Poker, and MySpace. Aster Data is headquartered in San Carlos, California and is backed by Sequoia Capital, JAFCO Ventures, IVP, and Cambrian Ventures, as well as industry visionaries including David Cheriton and Ron Conway.

Aster Data, Aster Data nCluster, SQL-MapReduce, the Aster logo, and Applications-Within™ are registered trademarks of Aster Data. All other brands and trademarks referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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