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Momentum Grows for Teradata Aster Digital Marketing Optimization

Together with Aprimo, data-driven marketers can identify, capture and leverage digital data with multi-touch attribution analytics

APRIMO MARKETING SUMMIT, LAS VEGAS – Teradata, (NYSE: TDC) the analytic data solutions company, today announced growing market momentum for digital marketing optimization (DMO) solutions – which are helping data-driven marketers better understand and serve customers interacting across an expanding universe of multiple channels, touchpoints, and data sources. The explosive proliferation of digital customer interaction channels like email, search, digital advertising, websites and social media have challenged marketers to explore and exploit a new universe of ‘big data’ sources to discover multi-channel, multi-touch behavioral insight for better customer engagement.

"At this week’s Aprimo Marketing Summit, we are excited to be demonstrating to our customers how they can leverage the power of  Aster’s digital marketing optimization solutions with Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management solutions,” said Lisa Arthur, chief marketing officer, Aprimo. “This powerful combination gives customers the right tools to leverage and manage insights from both digital and traditional channels– and then optimize their Aprimo campaigns to take advantage of these competitive insights."

More marketers are optimizing their investments with big data analytics applied to behavioral modeling, path to purchase analysis, and marketing attribution. They are finding that the volume and complexity of new data sources require advanced analytics beyond ‘last touch’ or ‘last click’ attribution. To make accurate budgeting decisions, marketers need to take into account multi-channel, multi-touch purchasing cycles. Leveraging the strength of the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform with SQL-MapReduce, more companies are adopting digital marketing optimization practices.

"Only a few applications in today’s market move beyond ‘last touch’ attribution, but these solutions are generally based on traditional database platforms and ‘black-boxed’ algorithms that fail to give marketers the agility to test and learn as market conditions change,” said Tasso Argyros, co-president, Teradata Aster. “In contrast, Teradata Aster solutions provide the capability to see and analyze patterns of touchpoint interaction across channels – to recognize and anticipate behavior and opportunities beyond the limitations of today’s experimental applications and tools."

Argyros said that the value proposition for digital marketing optimization and attribution functionality is driving market momentum among cutting-edge marketers. Companies shifting into digital marketing solutions have become advocates.

  • "It is well-recognized that Barnes & Noble has made a profound transformation from being a physical seller of books to a digital technology company. A key component of that is the ability we have gained to leverage 'big data' to derive consumer insights that are deployed multi-channel," said Marc Parrish, vice president of Retention and Loyalty Marketing, Barnes & Noble. "Our customers benefit from our ability to personalize their interactions. We know them, and it shows." Parrish also stated that "This shift to multi-touch marketing optimization is changing the vendor landscape. Teradata Aster is clearly a leader in moving the industry from the old world of analytic sampling, to the new big data world of complex, multi-factorial customer intelligence."
  • “Within the Teradata Aster platform, we tie together click stream information with email logs, with ad viewing information, with operational information in order to identify what’s going on with our customers and how to optimize our marketing spend” said Geoff Guerdat, director of Data Engineering, Gilt Groupe. “We also leverage Twitter feeds into the Teradata Aster platform to tokenize and parse large volumes of text for sentiment analysis over Twitter feeds. This allows us to be more responsive to the customer and put our finger on the pulse of what’s going on.”
  • “Our clients want to optimize their digital marketing spend. They need to understand, ‘Is the advertising I run on Site A better than the advertising I run on Site B? And is this creative more effective than an optional creative?’’’ said Marc Ryan, senior vice president and chief research officer for Insight Express. “In order to be able to reach those conclusions, we use the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform to get the context in which the ad was served, every time it was served. What is the ad? What is the site it is run on? What day and time is it run? All that information is analyzed using marketing attribution MapReduce algorithms in the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform.”
  • “Aster gives us the analytic capability to provide best-in-class digital marketing optimization for our clients, enabling us to go far beyond last click to provide more accurate marketing attribution,” said Matt Comstock, vice president of Business Intelligence, Razorfish.

"We can help today’s data-driven marketers in three ways,” said Arthur. “First, we provide visibility into marketing activity to enable customers to embrace new channels and deliver remarkable customer experience across conversation points. Second, we automate marketing processes and simplify cross-channel measurements. Third, we facilitate experimentation and iteration to optimize digital channels with applications that deliver quantitative results quickly and simply."

"Companies can help themselves by thinking differently, in that the answer is already there – in their data,” Argyros said. “They need to take a complete look at their data, both digital and non-digital information, to get a more complete view of customers, their preferred channels and interactive behavior. Marketers need the right tools to help them see the important indirect relationships across all of their data. With this added visibility, they can expand their insight – and in a broader context, find the more accurate answers that will lead to their next best decisions and campaigns."

Analysts confirm the digital marketing trend, reporting that marketing optimization and attribution are important areas of focus for marketers in 2012:

  • Over 45 percent of big data deployments are for marketing.1
  • Spending on digital marketing will grow from $34B to $76 Billion by 2016.2
  • 54 percent of marketers identified the ability to understand attribution as a project that would be most beneficial to their business.3

"Leveraging attribution and behavioral models, marketers can stop advertising to customers that are not buying – and instead make their investments in deeper analysis – to deliver intelligent customer engagement,” said John Lovett, Senior Partner with Web Analytics Demystified. “The combination of real-time analytical processing, big data warehousing and integrated marketing management tools, represent a good fit for marketers ready to make digital marketing optimization their next big step in analytics evolution."

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