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  Big Analytics 2012
Boston – May 22
Chicago – June 28
New York City – November
Big Analytics 2012 brings together thought leaders to discuss how new sources of big data along with analytic techniques and technology are helping organizations shift the data discovery boundaries, allowing them to make smarter decisions, take more risks, and gain deeper insights into their businesses. Join our thought leaders to hear how they are using big analytics for competitive advantage.

Register for the Boston event on May 22.


Register for the Chicago event on June 28.
Webcast: Bridging the Gap – SQL and MapReduce for Big Analytics
MapReduce processing is a new approach to big data analysis, but understanding how MapReduce works and what this means for your business can be daunting. Receive an overview on the MapReduce framework and best practice implementations. Hear how, by combining SQL and MapReduce, a discovery platform is created that is scalable and productive. Featuring Rick F. van der Lans.
Wednesday, May 2; 10 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT
Beyond Surface-Level Social Media
Beginning with defining the new concept of "surface-level social media," this white paper by John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified explores ways in which enterprises are harnessing the voices and behaviors of their customers to build stronger ties, deliver superior multi-channel experiences, and to create always-on connections with their customers.
Expand Your Digital Horizon with Big Data
At extreme scale, traditional data management and BI can become impractical, with your business not getting what it demands: more insight to drive greater business performance. Big data helps firms work with these extremes to deliver value. However big data will disrupt the data management landscape by changing fundamental notions about data governance and IT delivery. This report delves into the implication of big data and presents a balanced approach.
Welcome to the Era of Digital Intelligence
Interactive channels continue to prove their worth for revenue generation and customer engagement, but the growing complexity and volume of digital interactions cause challenges. Traditional techniques such as web analytics were not designed for the breadth of channels, devices, and the speed that fuel today’s digital interactions. Because subpar analytics put customer relationships at risk, Forrester is redefining the modern practice of web analytics as "digital intelligence." This new approach brings a set of expanded requirements and calls on firms to consider their technology frameworks, organizational structures, metrics, and optimization practices.
Connecting Big Data with Big Analytics – Ensuring Business Success
"In the past 30 years, data was used to record business events and report on business events. Over the last 5 years, data has gotten closer to business. Now data is being used to record business events, report on business events as well as influence business events. We now realize that the more data we record, the more comprehensively data can influence business events…." Read more, from Mayank Bawa of Teradata Aster.
How Do You Really Feel? Why Sentiment Analysis Saves Customers
Knowing how someone feels can make a big difference when determining the best way to work with them. Determining that sentiment quickly, however, can be a challenge. But there are many technologies available today which can ascertain someone's digital body language swiftly and effectively. How so? Listen to the on-demand DM Radio panel to find out how.
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