August 2011
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Big Data Analytics Comes of Age:
Unlock the Potential of Multistructured Data
Bloor Group Briefing Room Webcast
Big Data Analytics:
Unlock the Potential of Multi-Structured Data
1 p.m. Pacific, Aug. 23
Colin White
Colin White
BI Research
As companies realize the value of their data, the desire to leverage big data analytics is becoming a driving force for data managers. Incorporating new types and sources of data can help organizations understand their customers, detect and prevent fraud, and monetize information. Multi-structured data types pose unique challenges, however, and must be addressed differently than the traditional relational data.

Register for this webcast to hear Colin White chart the evolution of analytic database platforms and outline how they can give organizations a competitive advantage. Aster Data will discuss how their analytic platform leverages the SQL-MapReduce® framework to make big data analytics fast and familiar. They will show how differentiated data-driven applications can improve analytical performance in use cases such as digital media optimization and social relationship analysis.

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What Big Data Can Learn from the PC Era
Data is structured in multiple forms. In fact, it is the structure of data that allows applications to handle it “automatically” – as an automaton, i.e., programmatically – rather than relying on humans to handle it “semantically”. Thus a search engine can search for words, propose completion of partially typed words, do spell checking, and suggest grammar corrections “automatically.”

IDC Webcast with Aster Data and Teradata:
Big Data Analytics Comes of Age

Register for this on-demand webcast with Dan Vesset, vice president of IDC, learn how to turn big, multistructured data into insights. A recent IDC survey shows that leading companies are more likely to introduce new analytic techniques and new types of data into their analytics ecosystem..

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