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September 2011
  Aster Database 5.0
Aster MapReduce Appliance

Combining the science of data with the art of business
Aster has some huge announcements - a new version of our core analytic database; the introduction of the Aster MapReduce Appliance on Teradata hardware; and the Aster-Teradata Adaptor. This newsletter provides infromation on how these solutions help bring the science of data to the art of business for your organization.
Whitepaper: SQL-MapReduce® for Advanced Analytics
The technical and business analysts' view
By independent analyst Rick F. van der Lans
Learn how to:
Accelerate advanced
analytical workloads
Compare SQL, user-defined functions, MapReduce, and Hadoop/Hive
Understand real-world
use cases
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Teradata Provides the Simplest Way to
Bring the Science of Data to the Art of Business

The new Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform marries MapReduce, the language of big data analytics, with SQL, the language of business analytics. It includes Aster Database 5.0, Aster MapReduce Appliance — which extends the Aster software deployment options beyond software-only and Cloud — and Teradata-Aster Adaptor for high-speed data transfer between Teradata and Aster Data.
Big Data-Driven Online Marketing Analytics
Top Business Impact

Analytics experts and data scientists say that big data from
multi-structured data sources are having the greatest impact on business applications for digital marketing optimization, according to a webcast survey conducted by Teradata, the analytic data solutions company.
Datasheet: Aster Database 5.0
The massive growth in data from new data types and sources is creating exploding volumes of multi-structured data that are not typically stored and processed in the enterprise data warehouse. At the same time, the need has emerged for analytic techniques to analyze this data quickly and efficiently.
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Datasheet: Aster MapReduce Appliance
Aster MapReduce Appliance is a powerful, ready to run platform, pre-configured and optimized for big data analysis. A purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution for analytics at big data scale, Aster MapReduce Appliance runs Aster's patented SQL-MapReduce® technology on time-tested, fully-supported Teradata hardware.
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Wall Street Journal
Teradata Unveils New Analytics Product To Speed Business Adoption
Teradata's Aster
analytic database gets appliance treatment
New tools driving big data analytics, survey finds
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  05. EVENTS
Oct. 2-6
User Group Conference
San Diego, CA
  Oct. 26
Data Analytics Summit
Chicago, IL
  Oct. 27
TDWI Webcast
Simplifying MapReduce for Business Analysts,
with Philip Russom
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