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Exploring Teradata's Unified Data Architecture

Want better ROI? Teradata Unified Data Architecture works with the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform and Hadoop to optimize your big data BI investment.

Discovery Platform Unleashes the Data Artists' Imagination.
Teradata Labs president Scott Gnau weighs in on the role of the data artist.

What Does Taming Big Data Really Cost?

Teradata's Chief Analytics Officer, Bill Franks, discusses the real costs of working with big data.

The New Teradata Customer Blog
Check out our blog where you can learn first-hand how Teradata customers are innovating with data through analytic data platforms, applications, and services. In this first entry, hear from Cardinal Health's Neraaj Kumar, VP of Information and Integration Architecture.
The Briefing Room from the Bloor Group:
How to Adjust Your Analytical Lens
Watch this Briefing Room episode to hear Analyst Richard Winter explain how a robust foundation for analytics is critical for finding insights. He was briefed by Chris Twogood of Teradata who discussed the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, including Aster Lens which was designed specifically for business users to help facilitate the navigation of big data.
Hands-on Workshops in Dallas and SF Bay Area
Attend an upcoming Big Analytics hands-on workshop and learn about Teradata’s innovative solutions by walking through a real big data analytics use-case scenario of a Teradata customer to maximize your understanding of how to do new types of analytics on multi-structured data.

Dallas Workshop
SF Workshop
Big Analytics Road Show is Going to NYC in December

Learn more about the convergence of Hadoop, data discovery, digital marketing, data warehousing, MapReduce, visualization and business intelligence. Go beyond the "big data" hype to see how these technologies are being applied to drive real business innovation. Dan Vesset of IDC will be the Keynote Speaker at the New York event.

Roadshow event in NY
Unleashing the Power of Data

Register to attend this year’s Teradata Partners Conference and Expo in Dallas, TX on October 20-24, 2013. Learn from the brightest executives, business analysts, data scientists and technologists as they showcase innovation and world-class methodologies for data integration, big data analytics, operations, integrated marketing management and more at PARTNERS 2013.

From Collection to Operational Analytics:
Teradata Unified Data Architecture

Need an integrated management solution for big data? Teradata UDA covers you from data collection to analytics.


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