Hortonworks is a leading commercial vendor promoting the development and support of ApacheTM HadoopTM. It was formed in July 2011 by Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital in order to promote the development and adoption of Apache Hadoop, the leading open source platform for storing and managing large volumes of data.



Teradata and Hortonworks have joined forces to provide technologies and strategic guidance to help businesses build integrated, transparent, enterprise-class big data solutions that leverage Apache Hadoop where it provides the most value.

The two companies have built a reference architecture which clearly guides customers on where Hadoop may fit in the enterprise: typically data loading and refining in preparation for data discovery analytics in Teradata Aster or strategic and operational insights in the Teradata integrated data warehouse.

It is also the goal of this partnership to minimize Hadoop risks and eliminate failures by clearly defining the most productive use cases for Hadoop and the right level of integration with the Teradata Analytical Ecosystem including the Teradata Aster discovery platform.


At Apache Hadoop’s core is the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), which is a file system designed for scalable batch-oriented processing. This makes Hadoop a good fit for data loading, pre-processing, and storage of data in native formats. To add the most value to the business, Hadoop must be coupled with a data discovery platform which supports both native SQL and MapReduce for fast, investigative analytics. The discovery platform unlocks new insights from multi-structured data which are then operationalized in an integrated data warehouse for strategic and tactical business intelligence throughout the organization.

Only Teradata Aster can provide this bridge between SQL and MapReduce processing which delivers faster insights to business users and business intelligence tools. SQL-MapReduce® provides a powerful, enterprise-class discovery platform for refining raw, multi-structured data into new insights for competitive advantage.

Through the partnership with Hortonworks, Hadoop data is now incorporated into the Teradata Unified Big Data Architecture for the Enterprise for business users to analyze all data in the enterprise with the lowest TCO.


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