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Aster Data Global Partner Program

Through the Aster Global Partner Program, both application vendors and system integrators can leverage the Aster nCluster MPP analytic database to build rich analytic solutions. Core benefits of nCluster that partners leverage include:

  • In-Database MapReduce for in-database analytics – Frontline analytic applications including behavioral targeting, risk and fraud analysis, and social graphing are pushed next to the data, rather than sampled and off-loaded to an analytics tier.
  • Economics – nCluster is built to run on commodity hardware. That means your hardware investments are preserved even as your warehouse grows, and there is no lock-in to proprietary hardware.
  • Scale – With Online Precision Scaling, companies can scale their data warehouse in a non-disruptive fashion, allowing them to easily grow from just a few Terabytes to multiple petabytes.
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