Aster MapReduce Appliance

Big Data Analytics for the Enterprise

The digital age presents a tremendous business opportunity by virtue of the massive volume of multi-structured data it generates. This data is not typically stored and processed in traditional database systems, yet it provides insight into digital customer behavior, machine-to-machine communications, and entirely new data-driven initiatives, products, and services. To take full advantage of the value of this new data type requires a solution that simplifies and accelerates the development of data science applications for the business – without demanding new IT skills and administrative resources.

The Teradata Aster Solution

Aster MapReduce Appliance is a powerful, ready to run analytic platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data analysis. A purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution for analytics at big data scale, Aster MapReduce Appliance runs Aster Database software — including Aster’s patented SQL-MapReduce® technology — on a time-tested, fully-supported Teradata hardware platform. By minimizing the number of moving parts to deploy, it offers easy, integrated management of an enterprise-ready MapReduce solution with the benefits of optimized performance, continuous availability, and linear scalability. The result? You can bring data science to the business by simply plugging Aster MapReduce Appliance into your infrastructure.

Using the Aster MapReduce Appliance, customers can expect results such as:

  • Faster time to insight by having the system up and running in hours
  • 90x faster performance for queries and analytic software applications
  • Richer data science-based analytics than were possible or practical with SQL alone
  • Fast, easy development of rich analytic applications, reducing code by more than 90%

Easy Setup and IT Ecosystem Integration

Aster MapReduce Appliance provides a pre-configured analytic platform which is easy to deploy and integrate with your other enterprise data management systems and tools. This complements existing IT investments while unlocking insights from new, multi-structured data types.

  • Easy Setup: Aster MapReduce Appliance features a complete Aster Database, including the patented Aster SQL-MapReduce framework, on a proven Teradata hardware platform with dual six-core Intel® Westmere processors, SUSE® Linux operating system, and enterprise-class storage – all preinstalled into a power-efficient unit. That means you can have the system up and running live in just a few hours for rapid time to value.
  • Enterprise Ready: Full complement of adaptors supports out-of-the-box integration, including certified ODBC and JDBC support for major BI, visualization, and ETL tools.
  • IT Ecosystem Fit: Teradata integrated data warehouse high-speed data transfer infrastructure and native Hadoop connectivity are included. 

Reliable and Powerful Analytic Processing

Aster MapReduce Appliance takes the strength of Aster Database software for fault-tolerant, massively parallel analytic processing — using both standard SQL and embedded MapReduce engines — and combines it with proven Teradata hardware engineering. This design provides reliable performance at scale.

  • "Always-Parallel": Massively parallel processing (MPP) software architecture and embedded MapReduce engine enable end-to-end parallelism of data and analytic processing. Parallelizes data loading, querying, exports, backups, recoveries, installs and upgrades to take full advantage of all resources.
  • Seamless support of ANSI-standard SQL: Support for SQL allows business analysts, BI tools and existing applications to interoperate with Aster just like they would with any other database. Aster's cost-optimized SQL planning & execution ensures high performance even for complex SQL and SQL-MapReduce queries.
  • Reliable: Delivers high availability through a disk RAID and software redundant design, and Teradata’s advanced Server Management features proactively monitor the system with diagnostic tools to quickly detect and address any hardware issues. Integrated Aster Database software provides leading "Always-On" fault tolerance and online maintenance capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Complete Management, Service, and Support

Aster MapReduce Appliance provides an integrated hardware/software stack delivered and supported by Teradata – providing a complete system including the tools and utilities you need to build and maintain your analytic appliance. This allows you to easily bring MapReduce-based data science to your business users to unlock insights on big, multi-structured data.

  • Enhance Your Teradata Investment: Management consoles and capabilities are familiar and complementary to your existing Teradata database and data warehouse deployments. This delivers new big data analytics, without requiring specialized software or hardware management skills.
  • Integration with Teradata Server Management: Enables proactive monitoring of hardware events such as disk or node failures. System warnings are sent to Teradata’s global customer support team so that issues can be addressed quickly to minimize system down time.
  • Aster Management Console: To configure, manage, and monitor data, applications, and infrastructure. An intuitive graphical interface enables easy monitoring with summary dashboards, graphical views of query and process execution, and easy drill-down. It also makes administration easy with singleclick scaling and point-and-click access to dynamic workload management policies.

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To learn more about Aster MapReduce Appliance, download the datasheet. You can also contact us by phone at 1.888.Aster.Data or by e-mail to info@asterdata.com.

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Data Sheet: Aster
MapReduce Appliance
Now that all our data is in one place, we can understand customer interactions across our entire [retail/ online/e-reader] ecosystem. (MapReduce helps researchers) see trends more quickly than possible in systems only using massively parallel processing.

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