nformation Request – Aster MapReduce DW Appliance
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Over the next few pages, we will detail the architecture of the Aster MapReduce Data Warehouse Appliance and Aster nCluster, the analytic database management system prepackaged with the appliance. You will have the opportunity to select the hardware and software components that best suit your data warehousing needs. After you configure your appliance, we will request your contact information so we can send your free custom quote.

Worker Configuration

Aster nCluster is built on a unique, multi-tiered architecture that consists of three separate classes of nodes: Queens, Workers, and Loaders. The three-tier design encapsulates a clean separation of roles for analytic processing. Each tier can be independently and incrementally scaled in response to the workload characteristics.

The number of Workers you request directly affects your data warehouse capacity.

Number of Workers:
Disk drive capacity:
(Note: There are 8
disks per server)
    Usable storage:
Type of processor:
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