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Leading Tools for Building and Managing Your Big Data Analytics

Aster Database is designed to manage massive data growth while meeting the demand for a richer class of data analytics. It embeds both SQL and MapReduce analytic processing with data stores for deeper insights on multi-structured data sources and types to deliver new analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability. Aster Database not only stores large volumes of data but also processes data and analytic applications in-database to deliver faster, deeper insights.

In addition to the core database software, there are several key software components that make Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform the leading analytic platform for building and managing big data analytics.

  • Aster Developer Express is the first visual integrated development environment for SQL and MapReduce.
  • Aster Management Console makes it easy to monitor and manage both data and analytic applications.
  • Aster Data Adaptors – including Aster-Teradata Adaptor and Aster-Hadoop Adaptor – provide seamless connectivity to your existing data infrastructure.

Aster Developer Express

Aster Developer Express is the first visual integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies and accelerates the creation of SQL and MapReduce analytic applications throughout the development lifecycle — from development and testing through deployment. With Aster Developer Express, you can build your first MapReduce application in 30 minutes.

Learn more about Aster Developer Express, or download Aster Developer Express.

Aster Management Console

Aster Management Console provides centralized visibility into and management of Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform, making it easy to monitor and manage both the data and analytic applications running in the database. Aster Management Console provides administrators with an authoritative view of the system and mechanisms for invoking actions. It provides developers and other users with insight into their activity, such as details on currently executing statements and statement histories.

Learn more about Aster Management Console.

Aster Data Adaptors

Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform easily integrates into your data ecosystem. Aster Database is certified on leading ETL and business intelligence tools. It includes high performance connectors for Teradata data warehouses and Hadoop systems.

  • Aster-Teradata Adaptor is a high-performance, bidirectional bridge to copy data between Teradata and the Aster Database. It takes advantage of parallel processing on both databases – data transfers take place on a node-to-node basis – for fast movement of large amounts of data.
  • Aster-Hadoop Adaptor allows businesses to leverage Hadoop for data collection and preparation and Aster Database for complex data analytics and processing.

Learn more about the Aster Data Ecosystem.

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Now that all our data is in one place, we can understand customer interactions across our entire [retail/ online/e-reader] ecosystem. (MapReduce helps researchers) see trends more quickly than possible in systems only using massively parallel processing.

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