Aster Data Adaptors

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Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform is certified with the most popular business intelligence tools, packaged analytic applications, and ETL solutions. Aster Database Software-only Edition runs on any commodity hardware platform including Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun, or on performance-optimized Teradata hardware in Aster MapReduce Appliance. Aster Database Cloud Edition runs on Amazon Web Services and other leading cloud vendors. Aster Database includes high performance connectors for Teradata data warehouses and Hadoop systems.

  • Aster-Teradata Adaptor is a high-performance bidirectional bridge to copy data between Teradata and the Aster Database. It takes advantage of parallel processing on both databases – data transfers take place on a node-to-node basis – for fast movement of large amounts of data.
  • Aster-Hadoop Adaptor allows businesses to leverage Hadoop for data collection and preparation and Aster Database for complex data analytics and processing. It consists of SQL-MapReduce® functions that provide ultra-fast, two-way data loading between Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Aster Database.


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Every month we have billions of ad impressions coming into our servers that we need to analyze for our clients. By moving to an in-house solution with Aster Data, we have been able to run advanced analytical queries on big data and provide insights in as close to real-time as possible. This speed is an extreme value-add, both to us as a company and to our customers, as we help them optimize marketing initiatives across all media channels.

Marc Ryan, Senior Vice President,
Chief Research Officer