Aster Development Environment

Rapidly Develop and Deploy Data Science-based Analytics

Organizations use analytic applications to turn massive volumes of data into rich insight. As multi-structured data explodes, organizations seek to create a new generation of analytics to investigate data from many sources and uncover relationships across terabytes to petabytes of data. However, attempts to develop these applications are hindered by complexity and inefficiency as analysts and data scientists spend effort on the mechanics of development rather than high-value analytic logic, delaying the deployment of new and updated analytics.

Developers need to easily leverage new technologies such as MapReduce processing without significant new training and skills, but most MapReduce systems require specialized skills and heavy. To address these challenges, enterprises need tools that make it easier to bring the science of data to the art of business. They need tools that simplify and streamline the analytic application lifecycle from development and validation to deployment without sacrificing richness of analytics and the ability to leverage new technologies.

The Teradata Aster Solution

Aster Development Environment is the first visual integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies and accelerates the creation of SQL and MapReduce analytic applications throughout the development lifecycle — from development and testing through deployment. With Aster Development Environment, you can build your first MapReduce application in 30 minutes.

Aster Development Environment
Aster Development Environment streamlines big data analytics, from
development to deployment of advanced analytics with SQL and MapReduce.

Key Benefits

Aster Development Environment complements Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio, a suite of powerful analytic functions for faster development of advanced analytic applications. Using Aster Development Environment, analysts can significantly reduce the complexity and time needed to create advanced analytic applications so they can more rapidly deliver deeper and richer analytic insights from their data.

  • Delivers an intuitive visual environment for creating SQL-MapReduce® analytic applications for Aster Database
  • Automates integration of analytic logic into the database
  • Allows developers to rapidly and easily test their applications
  • Provides single-click push down of the application into the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform.

Simple Development

With Aster Development Environment, you can intuitively develop MapReduce analytics and easily integrate existing analytic logic and libraries into SQL-MapReduce analytics.

  • Visual IDE – Aster Development Environment integrates with Eclipse IDE so developers can write applications leveraging SQL and MapReduce in a rich visual environment. Developers can: write, compile, and validate analytic applications within an intuitive visual environment; incorporate existing analytic code and libraries in SQL-MapReduce analytics; and leverage the Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio suite of analytic functions.
  • Wizards to automate application integration – Aster Development Environment includes wizards that automate the integration of analytic logic with Aster Database. Developers can focus on programming analytic logic rather than the mechanics of integrating that logic with the database.

Desktop Testing

When testing analytic code, developers frequently wait to access a running database instance, which in turn requires work to configure and maintain even for the most basic tests. Aster Development Environment makes rapid, frequent testing possible by providing a lightweight testing environment that enables developers to quickly validate their application code directly on their desktop without accessing an Aster Database instance.

Single-click Deployment

Traditional systems are typically restricted and have limited support for sophisticated analytic processing, making it cumbersome to push analytic logic into the database. Systems that support user-defined functions (UDFs) typically have significant restrictions and a complicated deployment process involving multiple packaging and installation steps. This requires coordination among developers, analysts, and database administrators. To deployt MapReduce jobs in typical systems, developers face a similarly complex task requiring deep expertise in systems programming and specialized scripting tools.
Aster’s Applications-Within® approach allows a wide range of rich analytic applications written in languages including C, C++, .NET, Java, Perl, and Python to be embedded in the analytic platform with full access to database services. Aster Development Environment makes it possible for developers to push their applications to an Aster Databasaesystem with a single click directly from the IDE. As a result, developers spend less time working through the mechanics of deploying applications, and administrators spend less time coordinating with developers and analysts to embed applications in the system.

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