Aster Database:
Big Data Analytics for the Enterprise

Traditional systems are straining as they try to manage massive data growth while meeting the demand for a richer class of data analytics. Delivering the performance, scalability, and ease of use that business and data science demand requires a new architecture that delivers both the simplicity of the standard language of business analytics, SQL, and the power of new analytic frameworks, like the MapReduce framework popularized by Hadoop. This system must be designed for iterative, ultra-fast analysis that easily scales to terabytes of data and beyond.

The Teradata Aster Solution

Aster Database delivers a massively parallel (MPP) Analytic Platform, a software solution that embeds both SQL and MapReduce analytic processing with data stores for deeper insights on multi-structured data sources and types to deliver new analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability. Aster Database not only stores large volumes of data but also processes data and analytic applications in-database to deliver faster, deeper insights.

Aster Database’s Applications-Within architecture uses an integrated MapReduce analytics engine for embedded analytic processing, allowing custom or packaged analytic software to be processed inside the analytic platform. The Aster Database uses Aster Data's SQL-MapReduce® framework so applications are collocated with the data. This architecture delivers breakthrough performance and scalability on large data volumes, advanced in-database processing, and easy development of powerful analytics.

Using the Aster Database, customers report results such as:

  • 90x faster performance for queries and analytic software applications
  • Efficient, linear scaling of data storage and querying to 100s of terabytes
  • Richer data science-based analytics than were possible or practical with SQL alone
  • Fast, easy development of rich analytic applications, reducing code by more than 90%

Analytic Solutions
Aster Database: a massively parallel analytic platform

Deployment options:
Aster Database gives you the flexibility to choose the type of deployment that best meets your needs:

Breakthrough Performance and Scalability

Aster Database is an analytic platform that delivers breakthrough performance that scales to terabytes and even petabytes of data.

  • "Always-Parallel": Aster Database's massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture and embedded MapReduce engine enable end-to-end parallelism of data and analytic processing. Aster Database parallelizes data loading, querying, exports, backups, recoveries, installs and upgrades to take full advantage of all resources.
  • "Always-On": Aster Database provides leading fault tolerance and online maintenance capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Unlimited Scalability: Aster Database's unique scaling architecture provides online, linear scaling across all operations - loads, queries, exports, backups, and recoveries.
  • Dynamic Mixed Workload Management: Aster Database provides truly dynamic workload management for both queries and analytics. Automated policy controls ensure predictable performance and guaranteed service levels for diverse workloads.
  • Advanced Manageability of Data and Applications: Aster Management Console provides cutting-edge manageability of the Aster Database analytic platform and the applications running inside through an intuitive graphical interface. From dashboards for at-a-glance visibility to detailed drill-downs, Aster Management Console makes it easy to manage and monitor both analytics and data processing.
  • Hybrid row/columnar architecture: Aster Database lets you store data in the format that best matches your needs. Use columnar storage for data that will be accessed for canned business intelligence reports. Use row-based storage for massive datasets accessed for exploratory or advanced analytics.

Embedded Processing of Analytic Applications

The unique embedded analytics engine inside Aster Database delivers a new class of data science-based analytics that scale to terabytes and petabytes of data. In-database analytic processing eliminates the overhead of moving large data sets to custom or packaged analytic software applications, providing significant performance benefits. Key aspects of Aster Database's integrated analytics engine include:

  • Embedded MapReduce: Uniquely enables optimized analytic processing of large data volumes by automatically parallelizing processing of workloads and analytic applications. Aster Database's architecture brings together data stores for multi-structured data with the processing power of MapReduce.
  • SQL-MapReduce: Aster Data's patented SQL-MapReduce framework makes it easy to leverage the power of MapReduce with the ease and familiarity of SQL. Any analytic software code can easily be delivered through the MapReduce framework and pushed into Aster Database without rewriting. SQL-MapReduce enables a richer class of analytics applications that are simple to formulate and can be used by any business analyst familiar with SQL.
  • Analytic Performance Optimized Architecture: The Aster Database architecture has been designed from the ground up to deliver performance-optimized big data analytics. Including a cost-based optimizer for both queries written in SQL and programming logic written using the MapReduce framework, Aster Database delivers speed and accuracy on data science inquiries.

Easy Development of Data Science Analytics

Aster Database makes it easy to create advanced analytic applications by providing pre-packaged analytics functions and tools that go beyond the limitations and complexity of SQL analytics, reducing time and effort to deliver deeper analytic insights in use cases such as pattern analysis, path analysis, and graph analysis.

  • SQL-MapReduce: Enables developers to write powerful and highly expressive functions in languages such as Java, C, C#, Python, C++, and R and push them into Aster Database where they can be called using standard SQL and leverage the analytic power of MapReduce processing.
  • Aster Developer Express: A visual development environment for SQL and MapReduce applications that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy advanced analytic applications.
  • Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio: A powerful suite of pre-built MapReduce analytics software building blocks that can be leveraged by any analytic application to accelerate the development of rich analytics applications.

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To learn more about Aster Database, download the datasheet and whitepaper. You can also contact us by phone at 1.888.Aster.Data or by e-mail to info@asterdata.com.

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Now that all our data is in one place, we can understand customer interactions across our entire [retail/ online/e-reader] ecosystem. (MapReduce helps researchers) see trends more quickly than possible in systems only using massively parallel processing.

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