Aster MapReduce Appliance

Big Data Analytics in a Box

Aster MapReduce Appliance is a purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution that provides the analytic power of Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform as a pre-configured appliance for big data analytics.

Aster MapReduce Appliance runs the Aster patented SQL-MapReduce® technology on a time-tested, fully-supported Teradata hardware platform. By minimizing the number of moving parts to deploy, it offers easy, integrated management of an enterprise-ready MapReduce solution with the benefits of optimized performance, continuous availability, and linear scalability. The result? You can bring data science to the business by simply plugging the Aster MapReduce Appliance into your infrastructure.

Architected for Simplicity, Performance & Reliability

Aster MapReduce Appliance features a complete Aster Database, including the patented Aster SQL-MapReduce framework, on a proven Teradata hardware platform with dual six-core Intel® Westmere processors, SUSE® Linux operating system, and enterprise-class storage – all preinstalled into a power-efficient unit. That means you can have the system up and running live in just a few hours for rapid time to value.

  • Delivers Powerful and Reliable Processing – The massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture provides the first MapReduce platform that allows both SQL and procedural analytic applications to be fully embedded within a database for ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets. Aster MapReduce Appliance delivers high availability through a disk RAID and software redundant design, and Teradata’s advanced Server Management features proactively monitor the system with diagnostic tools to quickly detect and address any issues to maximize availability.
  • Simply Plugs Into the Enterprise Architecture – Aster MapReduce Appliance is easily accessible, without requiring specialized software or hardware management skills in your enterprise architecture. Teradata customers will find the management consoles and capabilities familiar and complementary to their existing database and data warehouse deployments. A suite of adaptors supports out-of-the box enterprise integration for a complete ecosystem of data management systems. Certified ODBC and JDBC support for major business intelligence, visualization, and ETL tools; Teradata integrated data warehouse high-speed data transfer infrastructure; and native Hadoop connectivity are all included to enhance your enterprise solution.
  • Complete Management, Service, and Support – Aster MapReduce Appliance features simplified administration, control, and monitoring through the single operational view on the Teradata Server Management and web-based Administration Workstation portal. The platform delivers rich visibility and control of not only data, but also the SQL and MapReduce analytic applications running inside the system. It provides intuitive tools for centralized management and simplified administration, even as the system scales.

Aster MapReduce Appliance delivers SQL-MapReduce® in a powerful, ready to run platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data analysis. Aster MapReduce Appliance lets you:

  • Get your big data analytics system up and running in just a few hours
  • Integrate with your existing enterprise systems and leverage reliable Teradata administration and support without requiring new, specialized skill-sets
  • Gain deeper insights to your data through a combination of SQL and MapReduce

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