Aster Database Software-Only Edition

Completely Configurable Big Data Analytics

Aster Database Software-Only Edition is the original Aster Data product that provides the analytic power of the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform on your choice of commodity hardware to deliver a completely configurable platform that rapidly and easily scales from terabytes to petabytes of multi-structured data.

Aster Database is a massively parallel software solution that embeds MapReduce for big data analytic processing with data stores that incorporate new multi-structured data sources and types. It delivers new data science analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability. Aster Data has designed the Aster Database as a software-only solution from the ground up and certifies Aster Data with major enterprise hardware platforms, including Dell and HP, to deliver a true analytic platform at enterprise scale.

Featured Hardware Partner

Aster Data and Dell have partnered to deliver performance-optimized solutions for big data analytics. The solutions provide a compute-rich hardware platform of Dell PowerEdge™-C Series servers, ideally suited for the massively parallel Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform.  

Architected for Performance, Reliability, & Easy Expansion

Aster Database Software-Only Edition is the first MapReduce platform that allows both SQL and procedural analytic applications to be fully embedded within a database for ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets. Aster Database's unique “applications-within” approach allows application logic to exist and execute with the data itself for advanced data science analytics.

The Aster Data analytic platform delivers rich visibility and control of not only data but also the analytic applications running inside the system. It provides intuitive tools for centralized management combined with powerful capabilities for simplifying and automating administration, streamlining and automating management of data and applications to minimize administrative work even as the system scales to 10s and 100s of servers.

  • Powerful Console for Monitoring and Managing Data, Applications, & Physical Hardware – Aster Management Console makes it easy to configure, manage and monitor data, applications, and infrastructure. An intuitive graphical interface enables easy monitoring with summary dashboards, graphical views of query and process execution, and easy drill-down. It also makes administration easy with single-click scaling and point-and-click access to monitoring hardware nodes.
  • “Always-On” Online Maintenance - Aster Database enables simultaneous load and export during queries, online backup and recovery, online restoration, and online scaling to avoid scheduled downtime.
  • Extensibility Framework - Aster Management Console allows administrators to extend the capabilities accessible through the console with custom scripts and programs for common tasks.

Aster Database Software-Only Edition delivers SQL-MapReduce® together with an enterprise-class database software infrastructure applications to address the big data analytics challenge. Aster Database Software-Only Edition is designed to fully optimize today’s leading independent hardware platforms. Aster Database Software-Only Edition lets you:

  • Configure your own combination of Aster software and industry-leading hardware to meet your organization’s unique IT needs
  • Scale easily from terabytes to petabytes across tens to hundreds of massively parallel hardware nodes
  • Gain deeper insights to your data through a combination of SQL and MapReduce

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