Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform enables organizations to accelerate analytic innovation and competitive advantage by unlocking new value in big data. It is the market leading discovery platform for big data that provides a complete solution for visual, interactive, fast big analytic applications that require minimal time and effort. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform comprises of Teradata Aster Database and Teradata Aster Discovery Portfolio.

Generating business insights from big data is fast and easy with the industry’s first Visual SQL-MapReduce® Functions and out-of-the box big data functionality for integrated data acquisition, data preparation, analysis and visualization in a single SQL statement. The industry’s most comprehensive platform provides novel, high value insights through synergistic multi-genre analytics that takes advantage of a broad range of analytical techniques available in the platform. Teradata Aster Discovery Platform offers a single unified platform that lets you easily access, join and analyze multi-structured data from a variety of sources from a single SQL interface. With the patented SQL-MapReduce framework, the discovery platform is easy to use by any standard structure query language (SQL)-savvy analyst or business user, as well as powerful and flexible enough for the most sophisticated data scientists.

(Click to Enlarge) Instantly visualize analytic results, such as customer behavior flows, and rapidly iterate to discover business insights


From applications like digital marketing intelligence, customer behavior over time, social network and relationship analysis, fraud detection etc. — it is evident that big data can have a tremendous impact on the business. However, the challenges facing businesses desperately seeking insights from big data are daunting. Many businesses remain focused on the storage and management of multi-structured data, or have multiple disconnected, dis-functional technologies, or are forced to look for and hire specialized resources with scarce, expensive skillsets. This results in huge costs, time and effort before any insight is gained from big data.

Companies like LinkedIn, Gilt Groupe, and Barnes & Noble have successfully tapped big data for competitive advantage. And they have done it with Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. The platform provides key capabilities to unlock business value in big data with minimal time and effort for a variety of business use cases such as customer path to purchase, marketing attribution, churn, manufacturing analytics, affinity, and fraud.

  • Visual SQL-MapReduce Functions using which analytical results can be instantly visualized and rapidly iterated.
  • Discovery Portfolio — Integrated, ready to use 70+ SQL-MapReduce functions for data acquisition, data preparation, analytics & visualization.
  • Broad range of analytical techniques such as SQL, MapReduce, statistical, text analytics, graph, etc. in a single platform.
  • Industry’s deepest stack integration across the Aster and Apache® Hadoop® platforms. Enables business analysts to issue ANSI-standard SQL, via SQL-H™ and SQL-MapReduce®, on both Aster and Hadoop data.
  • Patented SQL-MapReduce® to parallelize the processing of data and applications and deliver rich analytic insights through the simplicity of SQL and business intelligence (BI) tools. 
  • Native support for ANSI-standard SQL allows business analysts, BI tools and existing applications to interoperate with the discovery platform.
  • Visual integrated development environment (IDE) to develop big data applications in minutes
  • Richest Add-on Capabilities
    • In-Database Integration of Attensity® — text & sentiment analysis of social media content
    • SAS® and In-Database R — Take advantage of Aster’s MPP platform to score statistical models at scale.
    • In-Database PMML execution via Zementis® — Develop statistical models in tools of choice & score models at scale by seamlessly exporting & importing the models in Teradata Aster Database.


  • Fastest path to business value from raw big data
  • Novel, high value business insights driving growth and profitability
  • Easiest and most productive platform to develop Big Data apps
  • Minimal time, cost and effort spent


What Our Partners Are Saying

From within the Teradata Unified Architecture, Teradata provides customers the ability to leverage best-of-breed partner tools.


“Teradata's ability to manage the fused datasets with high performance and availability delivers real value to customers, because the resulting datasets can be very large and otherwise difficult to manage," said Kirsten Bay, chief executive officer, Attensity.


“Informatica is fully integrated and optimized for the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™, so our joint customers can very quickly build big data analytics applications,” said Todd Goldman, vice president and general manager, Core Technologies, Informatica. “Informatica’s ‘design once, deploy anywhere’ Virtual Data Machine™ allows developers to design integration jobs in our graphical designer up to five-times faster compared with other approaches and run the  data integration processing on both fit-for-purpose Teradata and Hadoop platforms, without any code changes.


“The Predictive Model Markup Language standard delivers the promise of true interoperability, offering a mature standard for moving predictive models seamlessly between platforms,” said Dr. Michael Zeller, chief executive officer, Zementis. “Models built in most commercial or open source data mining tools can now instantly be deployed in the Teradata Aster Database. The net result is the ability to leverage the power of standards-based predictive analytics on a massive scale, right where the data resides.”


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Whether you are a Fortune 1000 enterprise struggling to make sense of new multi-structured data or a web company just getting your analytics infrastructure off the ground, Teradata Aster Discovery Platform lets you choose the type of deployment that best meets your needs.

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