Aster-Teradata Adaptor

Fast, parallel data transfer between Aster and Teradata

A complete analytics architecture includes capabilities for exploratory data analysis and business intelligence. Aster Database, with its patented SQL-MapReduce® technology, was designed to preform exploratory analysis of new datasets, including raw, multi-structured data like clickstreams, application logs, and machine data. For datasets whose value is known, the Teradata Database is the industry-leading database for business intelligence reporting, providing fast, reliable query performance to support decision making.

The Aster-Teradata Adaptor creates a fast data connection between the Teradata Database and the Aster Database, enabling both the migration of new datasets into the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) as well as exploration of all EDW-stored data with the Aster SQL-MapReduce tools. At the same time, your main EDW remains isolated from data scientists’ resource-consuming workloads.

Aster-Teradata Adaptor Eases Data Communications

The Aster-Teradata Adaptor takes advantage of the native parallel processing frameworks on both databases, supporting direct node-to-node communications for fast data transfer. The adaptor allows analysts and data scientists to:

  • Join tables in Teradata and Aster Database: Perform joins among tables in Aster Database and tables in Teradata. Data scientists can examine new data sources in relation to existing data stored in Teradata.
  • Build remote views: Build views in the Aster Database on tables stored in Teradata. Aster Database users can access and perform joins on Teradata-stored data as if it were stored in the Aster Database.
  • Run SQL-MapReduce across all of your data: Data scientists can run Aster’s native analytic modules, such as nPath pattern matching, to explore data in the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse.
  • Access remote data on your own terms: Use the adaptor in-line in within Aster Database queries or SQL-MapReduce programs, or use it to copy data to a regular or temporary table. Connections can pipe data from Teradata to Aster Database, or from Aster Database to Teradata.

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