Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Integration

The integration of Aster Database and ApacheTM HadoopTM allows businesses to leverage Hadoop for data retention and pre-processing capabilities, while using Aster to perform data transformations, reporting, and interactive data analytics. Using Aster’s unique integration with Hadoop, business analysts can easily access and analyze large volumes of multi-structured data with the Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform. There are currently two ways to integrate Hadoop data with Aster Database: Aster SQL-HTM and the Aster-Hadoop Adaptor.

  • Aster SQL-HTM empowers business analysts to directly analyze vast amounts of Hadoop data without requiring programming skills or an understanding of how data is stored within the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFSTM). With SQL-H, analysts can use common BI and reporting tools which leverage their business knowledge and SQL skills. They can access data in Hadoop directly and easily join it with data in Aster utilizing the analytical power of SQL-MapReduce® and the Aster MapReduce Platform. SQL-H interfaces with the Apache HCatalog project to provide a mechanism for users to directly access the data in Hadoop from Aster Database, getting faster insights from data using Aster’s business-ready analytic functions and applications in addition to standard ANSI SQL and BI tools access.

    Learn more about Aster SQL-H here.

  • Aster-Hadoop Adaptor uses Teradata Aster's patented SQL-MapReduce capabilities for two-way, high-speed, data transfer between Apache Hadoop and Teradata Aster. The adaptor utilizes SQL-MapReduce functions for ultra-fast, two-way data loading between Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFSTM) and Aster's discovery platform.

    Learn more about the Aster-Hadoop Adaptor here.

To learn more about our integration with Apache Hadoop, contact us by phone at 1.888.Aster.Data, or e-mail info@asterdata.com.

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