Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition

On-Demand Big Data Management and Analysis

Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition brings the Aster Data nCluster massively parallel data-application server to both the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AppNexus platforms. nCluster Cloud Edition is the first MPP data warehouse architecture in the cloud that allows applications to be fully embedded within the database engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets. Aster Data's unique “applications-within™” approach allows application logic to exist and execute with the data itself. nCluster Cloud Edition effectively uses SQL-MapReduce together with parallelized data processing and applications to address the big data challenge. nCluster Cloud Edition is ideally suited to fully use the elasticity, scalability, and persistence of cloud computing. nCluster Cloud Edition lets you:

  • Start your data-driven application, data warehouse, or BI project quickly
  • Scale easily from gigabytes to terabytes with no downtime
  • Gain deeper insights to your data through SQL-MapReduce

Start Quickly

Big data management projects such as data warehousing or BI don’t have to cost a lot or take long to implement. Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition provides an easy approach to setting up a scalable system on either AppNexus or Amazon’s EC2 and Persistent Store platform. Aster Data can increase your speed to market – enabling you to provision nodes to Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition for data loading, reporting, and analytics within hours.

Scale Easily with No Downtime

Aster Data nCluster Cloud Edition provides the most manageable on-demand data management architecture built from the ground up for maximum resiliency and easy scaling. Live System Administration enables routine tasks to be performed while the system is online—without degradation of query performance. Even more, nCluster Cloud Edition is the only massively parallel processing (MPP) system that gives you Online Precision ScalingTM—one-click provisioning to increase or decrease capacity or performance across functional tiers (query, loading, backup, etc.) independently to meet workload requirements.

Online Precision Scaling lets you scale incrementally by function in the cloud with zero downtime

Gain Deeper Insights with SQL-MapReduce

Companies who need to power data-driven applications such as recommendation engines, credit scoring, and fraud detection need more than simple SQL statements or reports. Aster Data provides the first-ever MPP database in the cloud with SQL-MapReduce – a powerful parallel-processing framework for data analysis and transformation inside the database. This combines the power and analytic expressiveness of MapReduce with the rich functionality and support of SQL – all in the cloud for on-demand advanced analytics.

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With Aster nCluster ... our data load time has decreased by over 95 percent, and our most important queries complete in seconds or less.

Tim Schigel, CTO
We are pleased that the combination of Aster and AppNexus have empowered Didit to build a next-generation data-rich media targeting environment where our selected clients can push the envelope in high-profit selective impression acquisition.

Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO