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Teradata Aster nPath™

Teradata Aster nPath™ is a ready-to-use SQL-MapReduce® analytic function for time-series, path and pattern analysis. Using nPath, business analysts can use standard SQL and business intelligence tools to see customer behavior across channels and product categories, so they can better understand customer intent and habits. This intelligence enables organizations to understand and optimize the customer experience and offer relevant product and services to customers in a timely manner, leading to higher profits and customer satisfaction. The nPath function hides the complexity of time-series analysis and leverages Teradata Aster’s patented SQL-MapReduce framework and highly scalable, performant MPP architecture to deliver ultra-fast, iterative path and pattern analysis on big data.

The nPath function enables a variety of business use cases. A few examples are:

  • Identify the golden path customers take leading to a purchase across multiple channels
  • Determine top paths customers follow before cancelling a service
  • Detect deviant activity such as  insurance claims fraud
  • Optimize placement of ads to increase conversion

The nPath function is part of the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform which is a key component of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™. The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive platform that provides novel, high value insights through multi-genre analytics that takes advantage of a broad range of analytical techniques available in the platform. With the patented SQL-MapReduce framework and suite of over 70+ ready-to-use SQL-MapReduce functions, the discovery platform is easy to use by any standard structure query language (SQL)-savvy analyst or business user, as well as powerful and flexible enough for the most sophisticated data scientists.


Doing time-series and path analysis to discover relationships between rows of data is difficult to express in SQL, which must invoke multiple self-joins of the data. These joins dramatically expand the amount of data involved in the query and slow down query performance – not to mention complexity in developing and parsing these expressions.

Teradata Aster nPath allows users to:

  • Specify any pattern in a sequence of rows with symbols
  • Specify additional conditions on the rows matching these symbols
  • Extract useful information from these row sequences

The insights generated by the nPath function can be easily visualized using the Visual SQL-MapReduce® Functions in the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform as well as standard business intelligence tools. This enables visual and iterative discovery of high value insights. The graph below is an example of how one can visualize insights generated by the nPath function using the new Visual SQL-MapReduce Functions in the Aster Discovery Platform.

Discovery Portfolio

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Figure 1:  Path analysis performed by Teradata Aster nPath visualized using Visual SQL-MapReduce Functions in Aster Discovery Platform.


  • Fastest path to insights from time-series and path analysis
  • Novel business insights
  • Leverage existing skills and investments
  • Minimal time, cost and effort spent



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