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Teradata Aster SQL-GR™

Next Generation Graph Analytics for powerful insights.

Powerful Graph Analytics with ease
Aster SQL-GR™ is a native graph processing engine for Graph Analysis that makes it easy to solve complex business problems such as social network/influencer analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, network analysis and threat detection, and money laundering that are more impactful than simple graph navigation analysis. SQL-GR is based on the Bulk Synchronous Processing (BSP) model and uses massively iterative, distributed & parallel processing to solve complex graph problems.

Massively Scalable
SQL-GR is massively scalable as it is based on the BSP iterative processing model and takes advantage of Teradata Aster’s massively scalable parallel processing (MPP) architecture to distribute the graph processing across multiple servers/nodes. SQL-GR is not bound by memory limits or to a single server/node.

Integrated with SQL and MapReduce
SQL-GR graph analytic engine integrates tightly with the SQL and SQL-MapReduce engines in Aster Discovery Platform and can be invoked through a single SQL interface. This empowers business analysts, data analysts and data scientists to discover high impact insights by easily combining Graph Analysis with other techniques such as Text and Statistical Analysis. Pre-built Graph functions in Aster Discovery Platform based on the SQL-GR engine which can be invoked from a single SQL interface reduce the complexity of big data analytics. In addition, APIs enable users to develop custom Graph Analysis functions based on the SQL-GR engine and run them in the Aster Discovery Platform.

Business Benefits

Gain an Unfair Competitive Advantage using powerful insights from Graph Analysis
Discover high impact insights by easily combining Graph Analysis with other techniques such as Text and Statistical Analysis through an integrated solution optimized for multiple analytics on all data.

Large scale graph processing with best price performance
Easily apply unmatched power and speed to perform complex graph analysis at big data scale. Achieve fastest time to value with ready-to-use Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance or use commodity hardware in an MPP architecture.

Bring Graph Analytics to existing SQL audience
Empower existing resources with SQL skills to discover insights from Graph Analysis with minimal effort. Business analysts can easily invoke pre-built graph functions in a single SQL statement to perform graph analysis, without having to learn any specialized programming skills or write cumbersome code.


Example Use Case

Recommendations to drive upsell and cross sell in a Retail Company

Teradata Aster Discovery PlatformIncreasing upsell and cross sell of products drives direct impact on the bottom line and profitability of Retail companies. Using Aster Discovery Platform, a retailer can discover bridge products that act as a bridge between different categories of products and pull through sales of high margin products. For example, a retailer has high sales of salad and salad dressing across its customers. The retailer also sells another category of high margin products of wine and gourmet meat.

By performing Graph Analysis using the Aster Discovery Platform on massive data sets of customer shopping behavior and purchases, the retailer identifies that olive and cheese act as bridge products between the separate categories of salads/dressings and wine/gourmet meat. If someone buying salad also buys olive and cheese, that customer will also end up purchasing the high margin wine and gourmet meat from a separate category of products than salad. Hence, a retailer can recoup such lost sales by strategically placing offers on bridge products and grow profitability.

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The Right Deployment
Option for You

Whether you are a Fortune 1000 enterprise struggling to make sense of new multi-structured data or a web company just getting your analytics infrastructure off the ground, Teradata Aster Discovery Platform lets you choose the type of deployment that best meets your needs.

  • Appliance: Terada Aster Big Analytics Appliance. The industry’s first unified big analytics appliance provides a powerful, ready-to-run big analytics and discovery platform that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data analysis.
  • Packaged software-only: Teradata Aster Database
  • Cloud-based: Teradata Aster Database Cloud Edition
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