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Date: Wednesday, October 17th
Time: 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT


Big data is a big "so what?"
Are you seeing business value?

Bring your data to life. Get the inside scoop on Teradata Aster's newest big analytics technology. Attend this webcast to find out how Teradata Aster's latest innovations will let you forget about big data and think about business value. You'll learn how executives, business managers, IT managers and analysts can leverage breakthrough enterprise class big analytics solution from Teradata Aster to:


  • Discover breakthrough insights from both existing and new data sources
  • Inject innovative analytics into business processes for better data-driven decisions and results
  • Minimize risk, maximize ROI and accelerate time to value with enterprise-ready big data solutions



Webcasts and Podcasts

Creating Competitive Advantage with
Big Analytics in Marketing

Marketers are drinking from a fire hydrant of data that is too big, moving too fast, and is too diverse to be analyzed by conventional methods. What’s your plan?

Hear how industry leaders are accelerating the adoption of big data analytics in their organizations to gain the competitive advantage.

Mohanbir Sawhney

See why you can't afford to miss this webcast!

LinkedIn—Right Time, Right Place, Right Message

Digital Marketers – your world is changing. The old ways of running campaigns just aren’t working today. If you aren’t using advanced data and analytics to drive your decision-making, you are going to be left behind. Learn how LinkedIn, the leading social network for professionals and a highly successful digital marketer, uses deep analytics to drive solid marketing ROI.

The Great Divide—Bridging Structured and Unstructured Data for New Customer Insights

Register to view this episode of The Briefing Room and learn from veteran database Analyst John O'Brien of Radiant Advisors as he explains how certain information architectures have advantages over others with respect to bridging structured and unstructured data. He's briefed by Teradata’s Steve Wooledge who details Teradata Aster’s innovations in SQL-MapReduce allowing professionals to perform multi-structured analytics at scale. He describes how a new extension called SQL-H allows analysts to use Hadoop as if it were just another table in the database.

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The Next Generation of Big Data Analytics

Hortonworks and Teradata Aster have partnered to deliver advanced, powerful analytics of big data using Apache Hadoop. Many have embraced this combined architecture that uses Hadoop and Teradata Aster analytics solutions as key ingredients to maximize value from ALL data. In this webcast you will learn these key takeaways to accelerate your Big Analytics projects:

  • Understand when to use Hadoop and Teradata Aster to improve analytics
  • See a demonstration of Hadoop and Teradata Aster in action
  • Hear valuable customer stories

Social Software & Analytics in Business

Join representatives from Mzinga, Teradata Aster, and the Center for Complexity in Business at the University of Maryland for discussions on recent survey results as well as:

  • The complex, ever changing circles of trust and influence
  • Their impact on social and big data analytics
  • And how these technologies can impact business today – and in the future

Part II: Back to the Future –MapReduce, Hadoop and The Data Scientist
BI Research, Teradata Aster, and Hortonworks are teaming up to provide clear guidance on big data architecture and product integration to bring more value to businesses. Join their discussion to learn more about:
  • MapReduce for the data scientist: the Hadoop/Hive and RDBMS approaches
  • Back to the Future: file systems versus database systems
  • Hadoop and relational DBMS coexistence strategies
  • Bridging the gap: new approaches for business analysis of data in Hadoop

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Part I: Bridging the Gap: SQL and MapReduce for Big Analytics
Join Rick F. van der Lans, independent analyst and Managing Director of R20/Consultancy to discuss the following:
  • Understanding MapReduce vs SQL, UDF’s, and other analytic techniques
  • How SQL developers and business analysts can become “data scientists”
  • Fitting MapReduce into your BI/DW technology stack
  • Making the power of MapReduce available to the larger business community
View the entire 7-Part Webcast Series

The Comprehensive Approach – A Unified Information Architecture
Watch this episode of The Briefing Room to learn the value of taking a strategic approach for managing big data from veteran BI and data warehouse consultant Richard Hackathorn. He'll be briefed by Chris Twogood of Teradata, who will outline Teradata’s recent advances in bridging the gap between Hadoop and SQL to unlock deeper insights and he’ll explain the role of Teradata Aster and SQL-MapReduce® as a Discovery Platform for Hadoop environments.

How Do You Really Feel? Why Sentiment Analysis Saves Customers
Knowing how someone feels can make a big difference when determining the best way to work with them. Determining that sentiment quickly, however, can be a challenge. But there are many technologies available today which can ascertain someone's digital body language swiftly and effectively. How so? Join the DM Radio panel to find out how. Hosts Eric Kavanagh and Jim Ericson interview Shawn Rogers of EMA, Anwer Khan of Deloitte, Rod Smith of IBM and Stephanie McReynolds of Teradata Aster.

Webcast Marketing Attribution Webcast: Why Integrating Digital Marketing Must Be One of Your New Year's Resolutions
Did you know that it takes an average of 5-10 marketing touches before a customer completes a purchase? View this webcast featuring customer Razorfish and Forrester Research, Inc. to learn:
  • The benefits of integrating marketing across digital channels
  • The impact of attribution
  • Strategies for building attribution models for cross-channel marketing
  • How to align your marketing teams throughout the conversion funnel

Webcast MapReduce for the Business Analyst: Simplifying
Big Data Analytics for the Business

In this Webinar, you will learn:
  • Definitions of MapReduce and how these are changing
  • Business reasons, such as digital marketing optimization, for adopting MapReduce as part of your BI arsenal
  • The role MapReduce can play in your BI/DW technology stack
  • Real-world use cases of MapReduce for social network analysis, digital marketing optimization, and fraud detection and prevention
  • How you can leverage MapReduce code via SQL without writing such code from the ground up

Webcast How a Retail Giant is Making Big Gains
with Big Data Analytics

Learn how Barnes & Noble was able to easily and cost effectively leverage big data analytics to:
  • Make massive amounts of data available to its audience
  • Reduced analysis time from weeks to hours
  • Monitor every product line in its 2,000+ stores in real-time

Webcast Deep Data Exploration:
Find Patterns in Your Data More Quickly and Easily

Industry analyst Curt Monash joins Tableau Software and Aster Data to explain tricks of the trade for deep data exploration on diverse data types. He explains: The 6 things you can do with new analytic solutions; Example rich analytic applications within internet, media, retail and financial services industries; Investigative analytic techniques data scientists use to make sense from big, diverse data, and; Key considerations for making data exploration faster and easier.

Webcast Analytic Platforms: How New Data Management Technologies Enable New Analytics
Join Merv Adrian and Colin White of the BeyeNetwork to to learn how to: Choose the right solution and deployment approach; Understand the strengths and weaknesses of new and emerging vendors; and Develop and deploy based on your business needs and technology requirements.

Webcast Where's Waldo? Advanced Analytics for Location and Network Intelligence
Join Aster Data and Cobi Systems to learn how to improve: Network intelligence via graph analysis to understand connectivity among suspects, information propagation, and the flow of goods; Security analysis to prevent fraud, bot attacks, and other breaches; Geospatial analytics to quickly uncover details about regions and subsets within those communities; and Visual analytics to derive deeper insights more quickly.

Webcast Harnessing the Power of Cloud Infrastructure to Supercharge Analytics: Aster Data and Dell Solutions for High-Performance Analytics that Scale to Big Data
Learn how to: address the challenges of advanced analytics with a new approach and architecture that scales to big data; access the compute power you need with the flexibility and affordability of industry-standard servers; and build a massively-scalable, high performance, cost-effective solution with Aster Data's innovative software and Dell's optimized infrastructure.

Webcast See Your Business Like Never Before -
Build Powerful Analytic Applications with SQL-MapReduce

Join Aster Data and Fuzzy Logix to learn how to: Obtain immediate business value with pre-built graph, collaborative filtering, and text functions; Build rich analytic applications in hours using the powerful SQL-MapReduce®framework; and Accelerate analytic application performance 8-10x by processing 100% of your analytics in-database with our analytics platform.

Webcast Cross-channel Attribution - Using SQL-MapReduce®for Search and Social Marketing Analysis
Richard Zwicky, Founder and President of Eightfold Logic, shares his best practices for cross-channel online marketing analysis using the industry's first massive parallel processing database to deliver native MapReduce integration.

Webcast A Look Under the Hood - SQL-based Analytics at Internet Scale with MapReduce
Learn how to optimize your SQL-based applications with advanced analytics, massive parallel processing (MPP), and enabling technologies like SQL-MapReduce®. Join independent analyst Rick van der Lans to hear how you can obtain faster and deeper analysis on an Internet scale using advanced in-database analytics.

Webcast All That Glitters is Not Gold -
Mixed Workload Management Myths Demystified

Some data warehouse vendors offer mixed workload management capabilities, but they tend to be extremely expensive, making it impossible to achieve investment and performance objectives simultaneously. Join Aster Data as we demystify the common myths associated with dynamic mixed workload management.

Webcast Filling the Knowledge Gap – Big Data and Rich Computation
The age of big data - terabytes of information within a company's information systems - has arrived. Companies running ERP, CRM and web solutions have been generating gigabytes of data for years. Add to that the data now available from user-generated content, mobile web, social networks, click stream and external data sets, and what was once large gigabytes of information has become large terabytes of information. With all this additional data at your fingertips, the business question becomes, how do we monetize this explosion in data?

"Game-Changing Architectural Advances Take Data Analytics to New Heights" BriefingsDirect podcast - mp3 or pdf transcript
James Kobielus, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, and Sharmila Shahani-Mulligan, EVP of Marketing for Aster Data, explain how to: push application logic into your data warehouse to speed data mining; support massive datasets for predictive analytics; and attain unprecedented price-performance ratios.

Webcast Mastering MapReduce Webinar Series, Session 2 - "Supercharging Customer/Data Analytics with MapReduce"
Industry analyst Curt Monash and MapReduce expert Jonathan Goldman explain how MapReduce enables advanced customer analytics and helps enterprises do fraud detection, graphing, sessionization and market basket analysis more effectively.

Webcast Mastering MapReduce Webinar Series, Session 1 -
“Big Data Reality: The Role of MapReduce in Big Data Management and Analysis"

Industry analyst Curt Monash explains the basics of MapReduce, key uses cases, and which industries and applications are heavily using MapReduce.

Webcast Big Data Analytics Comes of Age:
Unlock the Potential of Multistructured Data

IDC, Teradata and Aster Data explain how companies leverage relational and multi-structured data to maximize the profitability of data scientists and quantitative analysts. Join to learn:
  • The market forces driving the need for an information management platform that incorporates relational and multistructured data
  • Best practices among leading organizations for helping quantitative analysts compete on analytics
  • Example use cases where businesses harness big data for digital media optimization, social network and relationship analysis, fraud prevention, and applications from machine generated data
  • The value the combined Aster Data and Teradata can provide for analysis of your multistructured data (including relational data)
  • How to identify areas in your business where you can deliver increased value

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Podcast: Game-Changing Architectural Advances Take Data Analytics to New Heights
Forrester Report: Welcome to the Era of Digital Intelligence