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Harnessing the Value of Big Data Analytics
Everywhere these days the buzz about “big data” challenges is nearly deafening. Most companies know how to collect, store, and analyze their operational data, but new multi-structured data types are often too variable and dynamic to be cost effectively captured in a traditional data schema using only SQL for analytics. Download this white paper and discover how to gain business insight using MapReduce and Apache Hadoop with SQL-based analytics.

Whitepaper MapReduce and the Data Scientist
This paper examines the benefits of big data and the role of the data scientist in deploying big data solutions. It discusses the benefits of Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, and relational DBMSs that have added MapReduce capabilities. It presents a set of scenarios outlining how Hadoop and relational DBMS technology can coexist to provide the benefits of big data and big data analytics to the business and to data scientists. As an example of the use of MapReduce in arelational DBMS, the paper also reviews the implementation of MapReduce in the Aster Database.

Whitepaper Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Deeper Insight into the Customer Journey
Today, the customer journey to attribution is multi-channel, multi-device, and multi-screen, making multi-touch attribution the default metric for truly valuable marketing insight and planning. This whitepaper demonstrates some of the ways marketers can transform attribution and better manage marketing spend, improve planning, and enhance the customer journey.

Whitepaper 10 Top Considerations for Big Data Management and Advanced In-Database Analytics
This checklist highlights the top 10 reasons why competitive organizations turn to new data management solutions to handle their growing data volumes and evolving analytic needs. This new analytics platform merges data storage and data analytics into one single system to conquer the big data challenge.

Whitepaper Aster Database: In-Database Analytics with R
By pushing complete analytic applications into the data tier,
Aster Data marries the power of standard SQL development with programming languages and new frameworks for analytic processing like R, Java, C/C#/C++, .NET, and Python, as well as new big data analytic processing techniques like MapReduce.

Whitepaper The Shortcut Guide to Large Scale Data Warehousing and Advanced Analytics
As data warehouses grow to 10 TB and beyond, the means by which they are designed and operated, and even the way in which analytics are executed, must change in order to maintain high levels of performance.

Whitepaper A Revolutionary Approach for Advanced Analytics and Big Data Management
The future of competitive advantage lies in managing and analyzing all the critical data entering a business environment. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can bring big data analytics to your organization, quickly and cost-effectively using Aster Database, the first MPP database with "Applications-Within™."

Whitepaper Unlocking the Full Power of Massive Parallelism: Solving the Network Bottleneck in MPP Databases
Aster Database is optimized logically and physically for network efficiencies to provide a fast, scalable database platform.

Whitepaper Aster's SQL-MapReduce®:
Deriving Deep Insights from Big Datasets

Aster's SQL-MapReduce® combines the power of MapReduce with the strengths of relational databases for fast analysis and transformations of structured data.

Whitepaper High Performance Risk Data Management and Analytics
Risk management is an increasingly critical function as financial firms and regulators deal with the current economic crisis.

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Whitepaper: A Revolutionary Approach for Advanced Analytics and Big Data Management
Whitepaper: Deriving Deep Insights from Big Datasets
White Paper: Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Deeper Insight in the Customer Journey