Big Data Analytics

Gartner VideoBetween now and 2020, the sheer volume of digital information is predicted to increase to 35 trillion gigabytes – much of it coming from new sources including blogs, social media, internet search, and sensor networks.

Teradata Aster can help you manage this onslaught with big data analytics for structured big data within an integrated relational database– and now Teradata’s Aster Data Analytic Platform can help you deal with the emerging big data that typically has unknown relationships, includes non-relational data types. Together, these two powerful technologies provide greater insight than ever for smarter, faster, decisions. 


Why Teradata Aster?

Industry’s First Big Analytics & Discovery Platform
Teradata Aster helps customers design and implement unified innovative analytics to gain competitive advantage ...across the enterprise based on a solid, proven platform backed by experienced award-winning customer support.

The Teradata Aster Solution:

Hadoop Integration

Hadoop can play a critical role in a unified big data environment. Teradata provides deep integration with Hadoop in several ways to best fit your needs.

Unified big data architecture & Hadoop
Companies are looking to capture, refine, and analyze all types of data available to them on customer interactions and business operations. Doing this requires a unified data architecture with best-of-breed components in the technology stack.

To extract value from this data, platforms which support MapReduce processing such as Apache Hadoop and Teradata Aster are growing in popularity based on their ability to quickly load and refine diverse multi-structured data and to provide new analytic techniques that aid in the discovery of new business insights. Here’s how they fit together.

Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance
Big Data represents a big business opportunity for organizations to innovate & gain operational efficiencies. However, most organizations struggle to manage & analyze big data due to issues involving data volumes, complexity and variety.

Aster-Hadoop Adaptor
Aster-Hadoop Adaptor consists of SQL-MapReduce functions that provide ultra-fast, two-way data loading between Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Aster Database.

SQL-H empowers business analysts to directly analyze vast amounts of Hadoop data without requiring programming skills or an understanding of how data is stored within the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFSTM).

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Teradata Aster helps customers design and implement innovative analytics to gain competitive advantage across the enterprise based on a proven platform backed by award-winning customer support.

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