The communications market is undergoing a tectonic shift – which means that a land of opportunities is opening up! Regulations are changing, carriers are consolidating, and services such as VoIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) and IPTV (Internet protocol television) are gaining market share.

The Teradata Aster platform uniquely capitalizes on this opportunity by delivering deeper insights so you can target the right customers, with the right products and offers, at the right time, in a differentiated way.

Example Analytics

  • Targeted marketing promotions – deliver personalized and relevant offers.
  • Fraud analysis and prevention – discover fraud patterns more quickly and update scoring models/rules more frequently.
  • Customer churn prevention analysis – identify customer segments likely to churn and update churn scoring models more frequently.
  • Revenue assurance – use of data quality and process improvement methods to improve profits, revenues and cash flow.
  • Network optimization – determine most profitable data routing with detailed network analysis.
  • CDR (call detail record) analysis – track, analyze, and alert at the most atomic customer data level.


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