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Marketing is going digital. As consumers shift their attention to social, mobile, and interactive digital devices, digital interactions with customers are quickly overtaking interactions in more traditional, off-line channels. Analysts predict that by 2016 interactive marketing budgets will grow to $76 billion. Challenged to do more with less, marketing organizations are actively shifting budgets away from direct mail and offline advertising to new digital marketing channels, including email marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, and social media. Today’s marketing organizations and customer intelligence systems are challenged to gain insight into the most productive marketing spend across these new channels.

Doing this requires multi-channel marketing attribution in a world where the state of the art has been “single-touch” attribution techniques like last-click or first-touch. Today’s marketers need flexible marketing algorithms that align with today’s highly interactive customer journey, which on average crosses 5-10 different customer touchpoints. Teradata Aster delivers to marketers a big data solution that provides a multi-channel, multi-touch attribution solution that provides:

  • Customer-centric analysis of the entire cross-channel path to purchase
  • Analytical flexibility with weighted, uniform, and exponential attribution algorithms
  • Ease of use through integration with industry-leading integrated marketing management applications like Aprimo

In addition to driving the need for more accurate attribution, proliferation of digital interaction with customers increases the complexity of targeted marketing strategies, increasing the importance of driving marketing decisions through both business intuition and data. The good news is that digital channels provide a wealth of detailed data points including email cookies, weblogs, and social media text. The bad news is that traditional marketing and analytic platforms are not always good at processing and richly analyzing this data.

Teradata Aster delivers big data analytics on a platform optimized to rapidly process large, multi-channel marketing datasets so that marketers can explore, discover, test, and iterate to keep up with today’s multi-device, always connected consumer. Teradata Aster delivers the big data technology platform that digital marketers need to succeed.

Example Analytics

  • Marketing attribution – move beyond the skewed input of last-click analysis to accurately determine campaign impact effectiveness across all channels
  • Behavioral segmentation & micro-targeting – gain visibility into customer interactions behaviors that define more relevant targets to improve lift of campaigns and promotions
  • Web analytics – advanced click-stream, golden path analysis, viewer engagement, segmentation, and more. See a demo.
  • Advertising tracking and management – improve ad inventory utilization with faster campaign success reporting and metrics

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Barnes & Noble
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Gilt Group
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Aster gives us the analytic
capability to provide best-in-class
digital marketing optimization for our
clients, enabling us to go far beyond
last click to provide more accurate
marketing attribution. Our clients
are seeing a 3% to 10% positive
impact on revenue from marketing
attribution insights.

Matt Comstock, VP of Business Intelligence
The shift to multi-touch marketing optimization is changing the vendor landscape. Teradata Aster is clearly a leader in moving the industry from the old world of analytic sampling, to the new big data world of complex, multi-factorial customer intelligence.

Barnes & Noble
Marc Parrish, VP of Retention &
Loyalty Marketing