Deeper Insights for Financial Services

Financial services are a battle of numbers to better serve customers. The proliferation of consumer data is an untapped resource for many financial services organizations. Every second, customers provide a data footprint as they interact with your firm via multiple channels and products. The shifting landscape is an opportunity for financial services organizations to capture market share by cost-effectively storing more data and performing deeper analysis to better understand and serve customers. The Aster Data analytic platform uniquely solves this problem by delivering deeper insights so you can target the right customers, with the right products and offers, at the right time, in a differentiated way.

Example Analytics

  • Bottoms-up risk analysis – mine ACH, credit, and loan payment transactions for signals of stress, default or positive opportunities
  • Line of business link and fraud analysis – join credit and debit data with travel transactions to identify fraudulent transactions
  • Cross-account referral analysis – analyze text of ACH transactions (payroll deposits, asset purchases) to identify opportunities to increase assets under management
  • Lifecycle marketing – flag life-change transactions (change in job, change in marital status, home purchase) as asset opportunities
  • Counterparty network risk analysis – understand risk profiles and connections between securities and counterparties

Featured Customer

Read Forbes.com to learn how Intuit's Mint.com uses an analytic platform to support large volumes of data and lightning-fast analytics.

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Analyst Insight

quote56% of financial service firms will perform new or the same analytics on new types of data.quote
IDC Research, Survey of Leading 
Financial Services Organizations,  Nov. 2009 


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