Data Loading Performance

Typical Issues:

  • Loads are too slow to keep up with analysis needs
  • Loading limited to nightly batch windows


  • Inability of loading to scale
    • One node loading serially, instead of in parallel
  • Co-dependent processing
    • Queries and loading on same nodes
    • Query performance degrades or causes downtime
    • Your business cannot tolerate a query outage, delaying loading
  • Destination bottlenecks
    • One node receiving loads serially
    • Data is queued up and bottlenecked by disk write speed of single node
  • Network becomes a bottleneck
    • Too much data being loaded through a congested interconnect


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With Aster nCluster ... our data load time has decreased by over 95 percent, and our most important queries complete in seconds or less.

Tim Schigel, CTO