Query Performance

Typical business intelligence and big data anlaytics issues:

  • Queries take too long to finish or don't finish at all
  • Performance degrades as data increases and queries increase


  • Concurrency
    • Too many users hitting the system at once
    • Queries being run are too complex
  • Data volume chokes system
    • Rich queries require computations that a single node vertically-scaled database cannot handle
    • Overloaded system causes errors to return an error to the user, or hours/days of waiting
    • Can store the data but can't analyze – data is outpacing the fixed amount of CPU, memory, and network resources
  • Network becomes bottleneck
    • Network interconnect choked due to the sheer amount of data
    • Queries run inefficiently, requiring multiple passes over data or materialized views


  • Parallel processing architecture
  • Embedded Analytics
    • SQL-MapReduce®
    • Expressive analytic flexibility
    • High-performance analytic processing where the data resides
    • Reusability of SQL-MapReduce® components
  • Hybrid Row/Column Database
    • Unified SQL-MapReduce computation layer can access data optimized for performance through a row store, column store, or a combination of both
    • Both row and column stores are first class citizens in the database architecture, sharing a unified set of data services for ease of management and seamless data access
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One of the reasons we chose Aster Data is because of their deep MapReduce implementation that speeds data processing and helps give our customers even faster performance and more granular information so they can drive more traffic and transactions through organic search.

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Richard Zwicky, Founder and President