Typical big data analytics scaling issues:

  • Too expensive and complex to scale analytic processing
  • Too much planning and administration required to scale


  • Inflexible systems
    • Advanced planning required to move data correctly
    • Complexity: repartition, re-indexing, constraints, etc.
  • “Super-size” upgrades
    • Existing systems limited by hardware constraints
    • Proprietary and expensive hardware pre-configured in cabinets and “rolled in” (at huge cost to you)
    • Huge costs in people resources/time to migrate data over, set up the new configurations, and hope everything works
    • Repeat as data volumes grow
  • Downtime required
    • Upgrades are complex and require hours, if not days to complete
    • Extra data loading time required to compensate for downtime
  • Error prone upgrades
    • Complexity leads to user error or system glitches
    • Improper load balancing and poor performance typical as kinks are worked out


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