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Our Support Promise

Aster Data provides our customers with world-class technical support and works with focus and intensity to make them successful.

Your data warehouse project should not take months to implement. Our quick start program reduces deployment time to days and our support team is available to address any questions or concerns.

Our Self-Management Promise

But perhaps the best part of Aster Data's support program is what is not required. Aster nCluster's extensive self-management significantly reduces or eliminates many of the administration tasks related to data warehouse management:

  • Administrators do not have to be concerned about configuration issues relating to the filesystem and operating system. With Aster nCluster there are no visible files to manage, no RAID arrays to create, no kernel patches to apply, no disk space to allocate, etc.
  • Aster nCluster addresses the high-availability challenge of large-scale data warehousing by avoiding single points of failure and building an automated multi-tier failure recovery process.
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Aster Data is a very attentive company whose staff proactively ensures the systems are performing as required by Enquisite. If improvements are needed, they do not hesitate to engage engineering staff to successfully work the new requirements into their near-term database technology updates.

Richard Zwicky, Founder and President