Beyond Surface-Level Social Media

By John Lovett, Web Analytics Demystified



Beginning with defining the new concept of "surface-level social media," this white paper explores ways in which enterprises are harnessing the voices and behaviors of their customers to use to their competitive advantage.


Social media has shifted the balance of interrupt marketing to a bi-directional flow of information, where consumers trust each other more than they trust your brand. Social media has provided a pulpit for the masses that holds the potential for viral adoration or widespread revolt in equally rapid timeframes. Organizations that respect this new paradigm employ social media as a method to build stronger ties with consumers, to deliver superior multi-channel experiences, and to create always-on connections with their customers.


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Surface-level social media: what it is and how to leverage it
How generation-next marketing is fueled by social analytics
How unstructured data provides newfound customer intelligence



About the Author:


John Lovett is a veteran industry analyst and expert consultant who has spent the past decade helping organizations understand and measure their digital marketing activities. As a Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, Lovett regularly consults with  leading enterprises to offer strategic guidance for building innovative digital measurement programs. Prior to joining Web Analytics Demystified, Lovett was a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, where he was responsible for analytics and optimization technologies. Currently, Lovett is the Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Web Analytics Association and has pioneered efforts like the Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics with the WAA Standards Committee. He is co-founder of the Analysis Exchange program that is introducing eager students to analytics by helping non-profits with mentored analysis. Lovett recently published his first book, Social Media Metrics Secrets (Wiley, 2011). He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, yellow lab and three boys.

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