Data Analytics as a Driver of Digital Marketing
Teradata Next Generation Digital Marketing
Webinar Series

Part 1: LinkedIn – Right Time, Right Place,
Right Message

Digital Marketers – your world is changing. The old ways of running campaigns just aren’t working today. If you aren’t using advanced data and analytics to drive your decision-making, you are going to be left behind. We are here to help.

Learn how LinkedIn, the leading social network for professionals and a highly successful digital marketer, uses deep analytics to drive solid marketing ROI. Simon Zhang, Director of Business Analytics at LinkedIn, shares insights from his company’s data-driven campaigns.

Teradata’s Next Generation Digital Marketing Webinar Series is designed to help senior digital marketing and e-commerce executives and supporting IT managers use analytics to drive marketing ROI.

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Simon Zhang
Simon Zhang

Director of Business Analytics, LinkedIn
999 Skyway Road, Ste 100
San Carlos, CA 94070