Marketing Attribution Webcast: Why Integrating Digital Marketing Must Be One of Your New Year's Resolutions


Did you know that it takes an average of 5-10 marketing touches before a customer completes a purchase?


From search to social, customers are interacting with your brand across a variety of channels, most likely created by many different people, in many different departments.


This cross-channel approach lets you reach your customer where and when they want to interact. However, this makes correctly attributing the source of a conversion difficult – a customer may see several banner ads before sending an email, or may interact with your brand’s social media page before placing a call. A “last click wins” approach is an insufficient way to measure performance of your digital marketing.


Being able to track which channels are performing well gives you the information you need to optimize your marketing resources. Speakers from Forrester Research and Razorfish will present discuss what it takes to build successful integrated marketing campaigns with an attribution model that gives credit where credit is due in this informative editorial webcast.



View this webcast featuring customer Razorfish and Forrester Research, Inc. to learn:


The benefits of integrating marketing across digital channels
The impact of attribution
Strategies for building attribution models for cross-channel marketing
How to align your marketing teams throughout the conversion funnel




Robert Brosnan

Matt Comstock

Robert Brosnan,
Senior Analyst,
Forrester Research

Matt Comstock,
VP, Business Intelligence,

Razorfish and Forrester Research, Inc.
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