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Google's MapReduce is re-shaping the market for business analytics and data processing. Attend this session to hear from Curt Monash on how MapReduce enables advanced customer analytics and helps enterprises do fraud detection, graph analysis, sessionization and market basket analysis more effectively.
Register for this complimentary webinar featuring industry analyst Curt Monash and MapReduce expert Jonathan Goldman to:
Learn how MapReduce enables advanced customer analytics
See examples from financial, Web, and retail companies
Understand how MapReduce-enabled analytics would benefit your company

About the Speakers:
For almost 30 years, Curt Monash has been a leading analyst of and strategic advisor to the software industry. Curt writes and/or edits most Monash Research publications, including white papers, the Monash Letters and the blogs DBMS2, Text Technologies, and Strategic Messaging.


Jonathan Goldman is Director of Analytics and Applications at Aster Data. He was previously Principal Scientist at LinkedIn, where he lead a team of researchers building cutting-edge products with the rich data sets LinkedIn has amassed. He primarily focused on data mining and product analysis to drive growth and user engagement.


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