Dynamic mixed workload management is the key to getting the most value out of your data warehouse. It allows high user concurrency while providing predictable service levels across diverse workloads, and becomes even more important as the number of users and applications requiring ultra-fast, deep data analysis increases.

Advanced analytic systems that support dynamic workload management are great, but are you paying too much? Besides the cost, are you aware of the key criteria for workload management to ensure that your data warehouse project is successful? Are you aware of new advances in workload management that are crucial to managing and analyzing larger data volumes? This educational webinar will answer these questions as well as address some of the common myths associated with dynamic mixed workload management.

Register for this complimentary Aster Data webinar to learn how to:
Identify the key criteria for effective workload management
Provide predictable data management service levels to the business
Avoid replicating data and systems just to manage different workloads
Maintain high concurrency with mixed workloads cost-effectively

About the speaker:

Steve WooledgeSteve Wooledge is Senior Director of Marketing at Aster Data, where he is an evangelist for Aster Data’s massively parallel data-application server product. Steve has over 15 years of experience in engineering, sales, and marketing in both manufacturing and high-tech organizations.




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Mixed Workload Management Myths Demystified webinar
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