Wondering what insights you are missing in your clickstream, customer intelligence or customer behavior apps? Concerned about the data that is being lost or missed in your analysis because you're constrained to samples? Want to learn how business analysts and data scientists can leverage the power of MapReduce through a familiar SQL interface?

Watch this free webcast to see demos of SQL-MapReduce and learn how to:

Build rich analytic applications in hours with pre-built analytic functions for website path and pattern analysis, stastical modeling, and customer behavioral analysis
Increase business analyst and data scientist productivity using the powerful and yet familiar SQL-MapReduce framework
Accelerate analytic application performance 8-10x by processing 100% of your analytics in-database with our analytics platform.

About the presenter:

Neil RadenPartha Sen has a passion for solving complex business problems with analytics that include quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition. He has managed the development of over 800 quantitative models that are at the heart of Fuzzy Logix solutions. Before founding Fuzzy Logix, Partha held senior management positions at Bank of America, where he led initiatives to build a model-driven credit rating methodology and hedge credit risk for the commercial loan portfolio. He was also charged with minimizing the impact of mark-to-market volatility of hedging instruments. Partha previously held managerial positions at Ernst & Young and Tata Consultancy Services. He has a bachelor's of engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from Wake Forest University.


Neil RadenStephanie McReynolds is Director of Product Marketing at Aster Data, where she is an evangelist for Aster Data’s massively parallel analytics platform. Stephanie has over a decade of experience in product management and marketing for business intelligence, data warehouse, and complex event processing products at companies such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, and Business Objects. She holds both a master's and undergraduate degree from Stanford University.

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