Enterprises and government agencies can become overwhelmed with information. The value of all that data lies in the insights it can reveal. To get the maximum value, you need an analytic platform that lets you analyze terabytes of information rapidly for immediate actionable insights.

Aster Data's massively parallel database with an integrated analytics engine can quickly reveal hard-to-recognize trends on huge datasets which other systems miss. The secret? A patent-pending SQL-MapReduce framework that enables business analysts and business intelligence (BI) tools to iteratively analyze big data more quickly. This allows you to find anomalies more quickly and stop disasters before they happen.

In this webcast, you will learn how you can improve:

Network intelligence via graph analysis to understand connectivity among suspects, information propagation, and the flow of goods
Security analysis to prevent fraud, bot attacks, and other breaches
Geospatial analytics to quickly uncover details about regions and subsets within those communities
Visual analytics to derive deeper insights more quickly

About the presenters:

Amiya MansinghAmiya Mansingh is Founder of Cobi Systems, where he specializes in building innovative solutions for enterprise business intelligence, data visualization and enterprise data integration leveraging “big data” infrastructure. Cobi leverages advanced data visualization to represent multi-form data structures including relational, graph, GIS, etc., into user-friendly information consumption.Cobi has developed a strategic technology relationship with Aster Data and provides business-specific solutions on the nCluster platform. Amiya has significant domain knowledge in Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing and Telecom. He is based in Denver, CO.


Ian AndrewsIan Andrews is Director of Federal Sales at Aster Data, where he is an evangelist for Aster Data's massively parallel data-analytics server product. Ian has over a decade of experience in delivering highly complex enterprise technology solutions to the Federal Government for such companies as Opsware, Hewlett Packard and Endeca. Ian holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Aster Data and Cobi webcast
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- Aster Data and Cobi webcast
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