How the investigative computing platform can be used for
data exploration and discovery


Big data and advanced analytics extend the traditional BI environment with new analytic solutions that enhance business decision making and operational efficiency. Examples of solutions include support for new analytics-driven operational applications, analytics accelerators, data transformation hubs, and investigative computing platforms.


This presentation focuses on the investigative computing platform and how it can be used for data exploration and discovery against both existing and new data sources. Such platforms provide powerful new capabilities that enable organizations to evaluate the value and quality of structured and multi-structured data and create new and enhanced analytics for a wide range of business applications. Watch to learn:


  • The business value of big data and advanced analytics that goes beyond the hype
  • The role of the investigative computing platform
  • Using investigative computing for data exploration and discovery
  • Business benefits and use cases for data exploration and discovery
  • Technology approaches and requirements


Mike Gualtieri

Tasso Argyros

Colin White
President and Founder
BI Research

Tasso Argyros
Teradata Aster




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