Advanced In-Database Analytics is a unique capability of
Aster Data nCluster™ that moves beyond the constraints of
running analytics in a traditional RDBMS database or on
external application servers.


By pushing complete analytic applications, not just analytic logic,
into the data tier, Aster Data marries the power of standard
SQL development with existing programming languages and
new frameworks for analytic processing. This includes languages like
R, Java, C/C#/C++, .NET, and Python, as well as new
big data analytic processing techniques like MapReduce

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Run analytic applications from R and SAS in-database within Aster Data nCluster, reducing time and costs of migrating and sampling data from traditional data warehouses
Achieve significantly faster response times running R scripts and functions upon distributed tables in the database
Drastically reduce time spent modeling and scoring when using R
In-Database R
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