Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Validation Report

Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform



ESG Highlights Strengths of Teradata Aster and Apache Hadoop in a
Unified Data Architecture


Working together to power next-generation big data applications


Companies are looking to capture, refine, and analyze all types of data available to them on customer interactions and business operations. Doing this requires a unified data architecture with best-of-breed components in the technology stack. This ESG Lab Validation shows the complementary value of Aster and Hadoop as part of a unified data architecture.


To extract value from this data, platforms which support MapReduce processing such as Apache Hadoop and Teradata Aster are growing in popularity based on their ability to quickly load and refine diverse multi-structured data and to provide new analytic techniques that aid in the discovery of new business insights. Users are challenged to determine where each adds the most value in a big data architecture.


This ESG Lab Validation compares Hadoop with Aster, exploring and contrasting their strengths. This was done by running large data sets on real-world data models across several dimensions:


  • Data loading and refining speed
  • Query and analytic workload performance
Ease of deployment and analytic iteration for data discovery

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ESG Lab Validation Report
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