Evolution of Big Data Analytics

Experiences with Teradata Aster and Apache Hadoop



by Richard Hackathorn, Bolder Technology Inc.


This study explores the evolution of big data analytics and its maturity within the enterprise. The focus is on the approaches and economics for using Teradata Aster Discovery Platform and Apache Hadoop within a unified big data architecture. 

Three companies anonymously shared their experiences and practices with big data analytics and highlighted the benefits and issues of their dual Teradata Aster-Hadoop architectures.

The study also outlines the tradeoffs and insights of how the practice of big data analytics is maturing in companies today.



"Our goal is to be more responsive to the customer — to have a finger on the pulse of what's going on. By integrating and analyzing data about the website behavior of customers, we can draw relationships that others may not have seen. It is more than data integration; it is pattern recognition."


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Evolution of Big Data Analytics
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